Rat squeak too high pitched


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Hi, first and probably only time posting.
I want to make it short, i loved the game, its and amazing and time consuming game, im already lv 16 with a warrior and im enjoying it a lot. I have no complains about any type of game mechanic, graphic, or lore or whatever, but my only complain, is when i find a Rat or those giant rats at the swamps, and damn, the weird shriek or noise they made it too high pitched that it really breaks the mood when im playing all comfy in my bed. And thank god i dont play with headphones.
Am i the only one noticing this? Wouldnt it be nice it you low the tones a little bit on the squeak, and make it sound different? i know it is probably realistic but i think it is too high pitched.
Thanks, bought the game and enjoying it a lot.


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Yeah, lol

I tend to make volume really low on most games, sometimes I turn off the background music because they're always too loud.

I kept the main sound on for EK, but when I got to sewers and met rats I immediately turned all sounds off and haven't been back since haha.