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Archaelund Early Access released!

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the Early Access version is available for PC-Windows.

Locking this thread. For questions or feedback, please go to the new Archaelund subforum

Archaelund development update

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Magic is here!

Archaelund's Magic System has been functional for several months, but in the last weeks we have nearly finished the implementation of the spells that will be included in the Early Access release, as well as some other key features such as spell trainers.


Careers grant access to disciplines, which a character improves to a certain rank in order to learn new spells. A strong spellcasting career such as Apprentice or Initiate can learn several disciplines, and on each new level gained the player has to decide which of them to improve, thus accessing new spells, but also being more efficient at casting spells of that discipline. A spellcaster can focus on one discipline to specialize, or raise ranks in different disciplines, to become more versatile. Early Access will include 9...

Archaelund development update

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Bringing the world to life...

Since most of the game "systems" are already in place and working, my current development focus is content. Quests, characters, items, encounters, little secrets found here and there... in sum, what you call a game.


This is, no doubt, my favorite part of developing a role-playing game. It is the reason why I am making Archaelund: to tell stories. It is also the hardest part, especially in an open-world game in which things can be done in any order (or not at all!), and when quests are designed to have multiple outcomes, with consequences for the party's choices. I've been writing down many of these quests for years, and now it's the time to implement them into the game...

Archaelund OST suite performed by live orchestra in Atlanta. Watch livestream!

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This evening (19:30 EST) the Georgia Tech orchestra will perform a selection of themes from the Archaelund OST as the opening of the concert. If you happen to be in Atlanta, you can attend this free event at the Ferst Center in Georgia Tech university campus. Otherwise, you can follow it live on youtube!

After the suite, our composer Laura will perform Beethoven's Fourth Concerto for Piano and Orchestra.

New technical Beta of Exiled Kingdoms (no new content)

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Today I'll begin rolling out a Beta release for Android, with the following patch notes:
  • Technical update targeting the latest Android 13 SDK, to guarantee compatibility with modern devices. No new content added.
  • Following Android guidelines and recommendations, permission to access external files is no longer needed. If you make a backup, it will be stored in the folder android/data/ To restore an old backup, place the file there. This folder is deleted if you uninstall the game, so make sure you copy your file to a safe location!
I considered doing a few pending fixes and adjustments, but unfortunately there was no time for that.

Short version: nothing changes except the export and import from file functions, which now use a specific folder, and gets wiped with an uninstall.

Android operative system keeps evolving and the days of random games accessing your whole storage are numbered. It actually makes sense, I have to say. In...

Exiled Kingdoms now also available as "premium" App in Play Store.

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For those who prefer purchasing a "premium" app instead of using an in-app purchase to get the Full game, I uploaded a new version of Exiled Kingdoms to Android Play Store:

The game is exactly the same as the "Full License" from the free app, but if offers the whole content without the need of activation. Some players seem to prefer this to in-app purchases, so I decided to publish it on the store. You can move your data between the free app and the "premium" app using the export file feature; cloud saving works, but saves are kept separately by Google since it's two different apps.

Archaelund new trailer and screenshots

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This week we released a new trailer for our game Archaelund (in development)


Exiled Kingdoms Update 1.3 is now released!

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As of today, the update is rolling out through Steam and Play Store. It might take a few days to reach all users on Android. About the iOS release, please read this.

You can now explore the Elder Forest, Solliga, and other places that you can discover by following clues and the 7 new quests in those areas. 6 new outdoor sectors have been added to the game, plus several dungeons. There are almost 40 new items, and 5 new Skills. Overall the content is mostly designed for levels 11 to 19, but there's also some optional fights that should pose a big challenge for players of any level. All of the new content is completely free for players with a Full license.

There is a full list of the changes here, in the Changelog...

Announcement for iOS players regarding last update 1.3

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As you know, I've always released updates simultaneously on all platforms. But this time, iOS players owning an iPhone or iPad will see a significant delay on the 1.3 update. Still, the current 1.2 version of the game in App Store will continue to be available for download and will work on their devices as usual.

The reason for this problem is that Apple has raised the hardware and software requirements for uploading updates to App Store, to the point where my Mac is unable to run the needed OS and XCode version (and it's not that old, really). This could be solved just by investing into new hardware and setting it up, but I fear there might also be some compatibility issues with the software libraries and frameworks I use to build Exiled Kingdoms version for iOS. EK is not made using the standard Apple development tools, and relies on third-party libraries like RoboVM which is becoming very dated...

EK Translation - We need your help, again!

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Translation work is done. Thank you all who helped and contributed.

It's happening again! We restarting a translation project for new content and volunteers from the community can join (or continue) to help to translate Exiled Kingdoms. You can volunteer as a translator if you're fluent in english AND any of these languages:

  • Czech
  • French
  • German (Complete!)
  • Italian (Complete except new content)
  • Polish (Complete!)
  • Portuguese (Complete!)
  • Russian (Complete except new content)
  • Turkish

At this point we're not interested in professional translation offers. Also, we might reject...

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