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Hello reader,

I wish you good times reading my words which are nearly product of my mind and my body. I'm fairly new to the game and to this small warm community and I wish to share my words that are floating in my mind. I'm a long time gamer, "wasted" most of my life on games like GuildWars, World of Warcraft and list goes on. I tried and downloaded everything and I have this internal click with the games I play, if you get my attention for one hour i will spend another hour and than another until I find a flow, a thing in the game that makes me say "I'm out". What flow you say, well pay to win, micro-transaction, lack of story... I take everything in to the account.

I remember this game from store a while before I downloaded it, but I always swiped past it because the picture was not appealing to me it did not have enough energy, enough wonder or mystery to lure me in, eventually your game was next in line for "Let's test it, if it sucks uninstall" and here I'm. Hello to you all :) So now few week later and almost 30h played I have some constructive thinking, I understand this game is fairly new, I understand it's still in development stage. I just wish to give my opinion as long time gamer.

Since I don't have insight in how many people is working on the game (coding, programming...etc) but I have feeling that your team is somewhat understaffed, with this great game concept and so much possibility for upgrades, improvements, add-on's one would think updates and patches would be more frequent. Two things came in to my mind at that moment, and this was before i joined forum community. First thing developers might not be interested in game, maybe the customer base was not good as they expected to be, who knows anything could happen. Second thing I thought was, might they be understaffed? Fairly logical, with so much room for developments, so many road forks for the game advancement so many options, ideas, maps, items, quest... to add, yet updates are so far apart, and this is the moment when you hooked me once again. With so much interest in this game I joined the forum community, and I don't know about you guys, but for me that's the last stop. Last sign of a good game for me is when they force me to join forum community and to fill in everything I missed out so far. First thing I did was sending Congratz words to creator for doing a great job, in matter of hours he responded with his regards. Odd, so soon, you never expect people in charge will respond so fast, let's see this David dude and what he's got in offer. OK, he's really active, spends lots time responding and talking to us, that's good, new updates soon that's cool, WHAT?! He's anti micro-transaction? That's very very odd I said. So he's active, he's hardworking and not a greedy guy, so he must be understaffed, if he spends so much time reporting to us his progress and helping with our issues imagine how much time he spends on making this perfection of a game, maybe I'm wrong?
My point is, although I don't have insight in your and your games income, if you are understaffed hire some people to follow your plans and your true idea of gaming and invest some of the income on marketing and promotion of game, you should seek wider range of players, don't get me wrong 500,000+ downloads are really impressive, but to be honest game like this deserves lot more attention and customer base.

As I mention before, Exiled Kingdoms has long road in front of it and I trust David will do a great job in doing this. Let me say few words for gameplay, I enjoy questing in Exiled, no question marks, no guided route to quest location, so you need to use your wits and brains to play it, and I can feel the nostalgia of Baldurs Gate alike gameplay, interaction with NPC's. Bad thing about questing for me is lack of them, to be specific side quests or "grinding" quests. I know, I know, It's my Warcraft talk, but I don't mean on meaningless grinding of quest items and quest kills that take for hours, I just mean you should add more side quests.Although townhall and rumour quests are fun and rewarding, after some time they become repetitive and lack in variety of rewards. Townhall quests should reward different items depending on different aspects (difficulty,level etc). Townhall quests are good to kill your time and earn some gold, exp and rep, other than that mindless grinder (Assassin's Grind all of them). Adding side quests like kill 10 bandits, gather 5 pelts and pointless quests like that should be located in every city so we could fill in lack of exp for level in constructive way rather than townhall grinding.
I play as warrior, only 2 handed weapons, brute force and huge damage, I'm still exploring the game, got only to level 15 and to be honest have no idea what is the level cap for the game. Nevertheless, I studied forum and wiki articles and got some feel for a game.
One thing I minded was at the beginning, after we clear the goblin camp captain says there are no more goblins in mine, even though goblins still spawn in cave and will continue to spawn. I think there was few more of quests that ended like that and nothing happened. So you should either put words to place or to change the way quests ends, because it is bit misleading saying something will happen but it won't.
Also I pointed out aggro issue, i think if I'm at least 5 level stronger than foe, I won't have so huge aggro range, if you want to keep it unique like this it's cool, but I think it should be scaled down.
Likewise following the lack of quests I think major issue is lack of items. Items of all types. Weapons, armors, jewels, rings, shields. I assume most of the issues I brought weren't the first time you're reading it but i have to mention it. Some of my equipment is on me for levels now, and most of the better gear is given by quests or doing really hard quests to get to them. Since I already think there is lack of some quests and rewarding system and I think lack of quests is derives from of items in game.
Traits, skill and stats seems fairly balanced, Companion AI is not bad sometimes it gets stuck or stupid. Spell cast and target priority should be reconfigured. I use Hirge and some of the times she heals herself and then me. More companion quests, items, story and maybe even slots.I know, I know work in progress, these are just some of my constructive thinking that i think this game lacks of. With my words I didn't mean to insult anyone, if perhaps some of my words were wrong, incorrect or invalid keep it my these were just some thoughts about making this game better and bigger.


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