Your favorite side quests?


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What are some quests which are not strictly required for the main story or character development, but you still choose to always complete them? Why?

I like some quests because they feel like a proper hero thing to do, then some because they are hilarious, and some because of the good payoff for the time and effort:
  • - find Constanze: nice, low effort, ok reward if you go for the goblin shaman
    - head hunting: hilarious end dialog, nice reward, also feels right
    - three lost Loreseekers: they are along the way; I like buying rings from Loreseekers
    - safe bet: fun story, nice reward (lionskin cuirass)
    - message in a bottle: it feels wrong to leave that guy captured
    - spicing things up: a shortcut to Grey Library and the Tower (guilty conscience)
    - Three vs Eleven: just to help out Hirge; cool story with fun turns

What are your favorites?


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The Princess of the sea, because of the "happy ending" (and the plot twist after that) :D


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My favorite side quests are:
- Become the Champion!
A good way of restoring Mercian reputation after freeing all their slaves without needing to hunt down dozens of soldiers or cough up heaps of gold. And I like that you can't use your overpowered gear but have to use your skills and wits to get through it all. And in the end you get a nice opportunity for revenge too.
- The Master's Laboratory
This one is mainly for the great reward it gives. I always complete this quest as quickly as possible. And it has some funny dialog too if your character isn't the brightest.
- Head Hunting
This quest has a funny misunderstanding that leads to a great payoff and gives one of the best early rewards of the game. Certainly worth it on all fronts.
- An Odd Couple
This one is just on here for all the Shrek references this quest had. And it created a great joke on this forum.
- A Web of Terror
I like the setup of this one. While exploring you hear more stories about the mysterious things going on in the hills and with this quest it all ties together to this final conclusion. Betrayal, opportunities to outsmart your opponents and setup for the big final story mission are all part of this exciting quest. With a great reward of one of the few INT items that non-mages can use. Would have been my number one favorite sidequest if it wasn't for...
- The World is a Stage
This one might just be my favorite of them all. The first scene gives a chance to feel heroic about the adventures you have done in the past or a way to hilariously screw things up. Afterwards you need to go exploring to find more information. Followed by a very challenging part where you really need to let your heroic side shine to get the best outcome. And of course one of the best weapons at that stage of the game as a reward to top it all of. Quality work.