XP Farming Suggestion


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I apologize if something like this has already been posted, but I ran a search and couldn’t find anyone who has mentioned it. Lord knows I'm no expert at this game, but I thought this might be of worth for anyone looking for XP farming suggestions.

I run a route that begins in the Sanctuary of Irossia. I follow the path out of the sanctuary through the rocks killing four Vorators. Coming into the green area there is a Hill Giant. Go right through the trees and there are 6 more Giants. Kill them all, run back into the sanctuary, use one of the beds for 12 hours rest, then back out the door to kill the re-spawned Vorators and Giants.

I recently did 10 runs in a row with Grissenda as a companion, and averaged exactly 2 minutes per run. The results were as follows for the 20 minutes it took to make the 10 runs:

Total XP (Me) 21440

Total XP (Grissenda) 13940

23 Diamonds

12 Golden Apples

7 Potions of Giant Strength

6 Hammers of Corrosion

(There were also random gold drops that I didn’t bother to count)
And of course these numbers could be higher or lower depending on your XP bonuses (mine was 12% during the run).

No doubt higher level players can farm more in SOH and the Ark, but for lower level players I think this is a fairly good option.


Mercian Royal Crypt is also good place to farm exp and even better in gold.
The loot there is very good for high level players like emerald, diamond, legion armor and also skeleton drops expensive loot so the magic bag is a must.

When it comes to leveling its better to do most of the quest since it is much more rewarding than just grinding


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There are several places that are considered good farming spots. But really, it comes down to player preference, what drops you're looking to get, and your character level / build.

If you're looking for a lot of Golden Apples, and are okay with burning through in-game days, the above route is pretty good.

Given the way the game works, pushing though the game's quests tends to be the the most efficient way of leveling. You get increasing more XP from enemies, and equipment drops tend to happen about when you need them. If you get stuck when you're not quite ready for the next section, running Town Hall Quests helps, too. Gives gold, XP and reputation points you'll need for later quests.

But, it really does come down to player preference.


As VDX 360 says, for XP you might as well play the game.

If you're insisting on grinding you might as well get important secondary benefits: Golden Apples (North Crimson Hills, Sanctuary of Irossia), Vorator Eggs (Lambar Cave, Cave of Echoes), or Emeralds (Wyvern Mountains, Royal Mercian Crypt, Vorator lairs).

There are other valid reasons to grind, e.g. early on for plate armor (Western Korne) or Nekhar Valley for Assassin's & Legion armor & Poisonous Bow (before you're ready to raid Castle Bluerock).