Why Level 15 Member Cleric no access to Wis Hall?

I have a Lev 15 Cleric, that is a member of the Cleric Guild.

The Wiki says that have to EITHER be a Member of Cleric Guild, OR a 20 Reputation with Ilmara to enter EITHER Hall of Wisdom, AN OR Cathedral.

I have tried to enter both, but have been refused entry, even tho a member of cleric guild. My guild membership should allow me entry according to the wiki, so dont know why cant enter.

But it is what it is, so now I have to get a 20 Reputation with Imarra, something not easy to do since the Collectionist quest will lower my Reputation by -10, then raise it by +10, for a net zero gain. Rhoneis quest(ALL DONE), only gets +3,4,5 to Ilmara Rep. The Outpoat only gives +7 Rep.

So now at 11 rep with Ilmarra. 9 short.

The Cursed Abbey would get me close, but probably need Flames of faith and Battleprayer to be able to complete it.

Same with the Ancient Seal. Would Probably get me to 20 or close to 20. Forbidding Pit(Wiki walkthrough of Forbidding Pit looks Daunting. Again Probably need Flames of Faith, Battleprayer to complete.

So its a seemingly catch 22. Need to complete the quest that probably need flames of faith, Battle Prayer, in order to get high enough rep to go get flames of faith, Battle Prayer.

Here basic breakdown of character.

Level 15 Cleric.

Strength 3

Con 2 + 1

Agility 3 + 1

Intellect 3 + 1

Persona 4 + 1

Awa 1

Life: 209

Mana: 162

DPS: 19.8

AC: 18,19


Healing: 2(Would be 3 but holding onto 4 skill points for Flames of Faith, Battle Prayer)

Holy Shield:1(was 2, but paid the 2k to redo skills to free up points for advanced skills like Precision Strikes, Massive Criticals, Wolf)

Intervention: 1(Was 2, but redid down to 1 for same reason above)

Arbenos Might 1: (For the extra 7 damage)

Sacred Fire: 3: Kind of hard to argue with 12, then 24 then 48 damage(Worth the SP)

Nivaria Barrier: 1(Was 2 to help with early game AC, then redid for points to advanced skills)

Advanced Skills:

Precision Strike: 2

Massive Criticals: 2

Wolf: 2

If I had it to do over again, I would leave Criticals, Precision Strike at 1 each and use the 4 SP to help put Crusader at 2 to qualify for a Turn Undead of 1. Really wish Crusader was not used for Turn Undead, and some other skill, because I think 2% to 4% Stun is not worth the 3 SP for Crusader 2. But I could have used that Turn Undead, and still could. Maybe I'll Reskill again for 5k more.

Hirge: 13

White Wolf


So what do I do?

Help Please.

Thanks for any help.
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Corrections: 218 life, not 209

2 Left Over trait points, 4 left over SP(For either Healing 3, or Flames of Faith, Battle Prayer.)
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After thinking about this, I'll reskill again for 5k, then take 1 away from strikes, criticals for 4 SP, +4 left over SP = 8 SP, which I will spend on Healing 3, and Crusader 2, Turn undead 1, leaving 1 SP left over for Battle Prayer 1, and 1 Level up to Lev 16, will get enough SP to then get Flames of Faith, Provided I can get thru Cursed Abbey, and Ancient Seal's Forbidden Pit, to get me to 20 Rep to get Flames of faith, and Battle Prayer, since my Cleric Guild Membersship doesnt get me in to get Flames of Faith, Battle Prayer, like the Wiki says it should, does.

If anybody else knows of any other way besides Cursed Abbey, Ancient Seal, Forbidden Pit to get my Rep to 20, I'm all ears.

Ive tried the Town Hall Quest for Illmara, but the ones I get, only get 4 to 9 days, and dont know where to go.

If anybody has the solutions on where to go, what to do, how to do it, on those Ilmarra Town Hall Quest, I'm all ears.
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If you are a member of the church then you can get to the hall of wisdom by using the teleporter in the new garand temple

Ack Wish I had known that earlier. I reskilled for 6k.

Now at

Healing 3

Sacred Flame 3

Crusader 2

Holy Shield 1

Intervention 1

Nivaria's Barrier 1(Need at 2 for Battle Prayer, I'll get next level at 16)


Wolf 2

Precision Strikes 1

Massive Criticals 1

Turn Undead 1

1 Left over point(for flames of faith)

Going to have to wait until Level 17 for Battle Prayer, unless I can find another Tolassian Tome(Might have to go backtrack thru all the ruins I have cleared, check Wiki), then I could take Battle Prayer at level 16.

Str 3

Con 2 + 1

Agi 3 + 1

Intellect 3 + 1

Pers 4 + 1

Awa 1



Hirge 13

Wolf Merc

DPS: 19.1(Not Great Compared to other builds, but Sacred Flame, and Flame of Faith, while using hammer, mace, Hirge, Wolf, Merc, seems to kill level 13/14/15/16 stuff just fine as long as I dont have to fight more then 2 to 5 of them at a time.)

Well at least I'll know what to do on next Cleric Build, hopefully less mistakes, reskilling, etc.