When will you release a new update?

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Well, you'll need to wait not only two, but three, even four levels as game progresses. :D

And that's how it is designed.

That and not being able to save in the dungeons is why this game is so good, it's a real challenge, you can't just save after every fight, like some games, so it makes you think, makes you work for it.

I love the slow progression, yes you have to grind to level but you don't have to grind that hard, and mainly I am doing it for gold to buy stuff like the 12 k attribute booster belts, or to have enough potions to complete dungeons.

The commitment from the developer is awesome, I am glad I got in at this stage, in my humble opinion it's as good as baldurs gate, or even Oblivion !

Dems some good belts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Both my rogue and his warrior companion have the ability belt now. She is running round in plate, with a 2 hander and an armour rating of 16 !