When will there be an update on IOS, I am missing lots of spells.


Alfred The Great

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First off Solliga is completely blocked I can’t get there through the bridge that’s supposed to be there or through wyvern mountain, after some research it’s because the game has not been updated, I believe it’s been a year since the last update, and it hasn’t been added IOS and I’m miss much needed spells that can only be accessed through interacting with NPC’s in Solliga. So my main concern is that I hope the developer hasn’t abandoned us people who play on IOS. It sucks because I paid for the full game but I only got a limited access version because of the non updated nature of the game​



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Hello, first of all my apologies. After I created version 1.3, I spent many weeks trying to update the iOS version, but unfortunately the forced platform updates from Apple to developers in the last years has made many of the libraries I build to use the game incompatible. If they had not set these artificial barriers, it would take me exactly 5 minutes to upload the update to App Store, but unfortunately that's how it happened. I haven't abandoned my iOS players, in fact I have spent extra time trying to solve this, but it didn't work. However I'd like to clarify that the update, nice as it is, is a bonus to the already complete game, a free "expansion" that I decided to release in 2021 and that nobody actually expected when I released it, and from which I didn't intend to earn a dime. You can imagine how I felt when I found out my hard work didn't reach my thousands of Apple players. Believe me, the pain is mutual.

In the coming years, when Archaelund is complete, maybe I'll rebuild EK from scratch and in that case, I won't forget about the iOS players. That's all I can promise at this point.