What's your favorite and unliked Classes, builds, playstyles and why?


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I like all of them. I like Cleric the least. I get bored with it. I also find 1-h warrior a bit dull, and staff mages. My favourite are the stabby rogue followed by the 2-h warrior. Archer rogue is fun too, but more challenging (not so good at kiting).

Full sneak attack and stab are awesome. Stun-locking a boss with sneak attack is so satisfying.

Still haven't finished in IM. I get careless. Have a number on the go. Cleric, Summoner Mage, 2-h Warrior, but always end up wanting to use an Assassin Rogue.

The rogue is Level 15 now, maybe this time I'll finish! Going to go aim for STR 5 (6/8) and END 6 (7/8) with Body Development III eventually.

Wilhelm Wastrow

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The only thing I found hard to do with Warriors is to suck with them.
Eu não consegui ser péssimo, meu perfeccionismo que me fode, principalmente quando fico estudando como os Guerreiros lutavam na idade média, eu comecei a usar o machado pois em minha mente em uma situação real ele teria mais efetividade contra armaduras de placa, o escudo por conta de eventuais projéteis, armadura leve tendo em vista que um verdadeiro guerreiro não andaria com uma armadura de placa pra qualquer aventura mas a boa tenho a intenção de manter guardada geralmente eu entro no local faço meu estrago vejo do que se trata e depois eu volto preparado,
Podendo usar uma machado de duas mãos em contra animais muito grandes.
Minha construção de build que é um tanto problemática, sou perfeccionista demais. No final das contas é assim que eu jogo fazendo holy play independente de saber o rumo da história eu não dou um passo na frente se o personagem não tiver uma pista.


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I dislike to play out a warrior actually.It's too simple.I love to be a mage.Not by physical power,with mind;that's the way I like


Love 'em

Meele Rogue: I love the concept of it, but I cant for the sake of my life properly play it. And the reason being is that, to play a good Meele Rogue, you gotta be good at Assassinate, and I absolutely SUCK at that.

Assassinate is wonderful, their absolutely best skill (on top of Backstab of course), however you need to learn the fine art of stop pressing the auto attack buttom in order to press the Backstab skill and then press the auto attack again, only for Assassinate to trigger and insta refresh your Backstab, upon which you have to quicly change your finger from the auto attack back into the Backstab, then back into auto attack, and on and on you go, until nothing that isnt you or your companion moves, and all of that while you're moving and trying to better position yourself, not to mention also triggering Evade in the middle of all of that, with the risk that in the middle of all of that, you may accidentally move out of range and waste your Backstab hitting the air, on which case Assassinate do not trigger.

All of that logistic goes way beyond human capabilities, and I will continue to refuse that any non AI mind is capable of playing this build. And I wont believe anyone telling me otherwise, and if anyone sends me a video proof, I'll have my undeniable proof that Im talking with Chat GPT4.
@Kakost I would want to know what device you are playing on and what your button setup is for melee rogues. I play on a phone with my thumbs only. I find it very easy to maneuver on enemies and too sweep my stab button between auto attacking for chaining big hits. My hotkeys are: Stab 5, Evasion 1 and Flurry 2. Pushing your companion in the agro zones to face pull and circling around mobs is pretty easy, too. It is extremely rare that I pull with ranged shots. This strategy works really well on the more sturdy mobs, trash mobs tend to get stabbed in the face because it's not efficient to setup a companion for something that will be one-shot. I have crushed a few red dragons in the sewers in very fast doing this. Ancient guardians and Ashen minos get one-shot all the time. I have pics in an old thread on here, something like, "biggest hits so far" to highlight some crits I have pulled off. Try practicing moving into position then attacking.


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Well only thing I don't like is any build with adaon as companion, just don't suits my stile at all, he dies all the time and it's easier to play solo.

Most annoying build is maybe the archer warrior, just so stupid to try it 🤣