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when we go to the observatory and look through the telescope we see that Andoria is inhabited. That is, there are people living where the empire fell a century ago, probably some places should be similar to ashen wastes, but still we have a possible new kingdom. my question is: what if archaelund takes place where the old empire fell? I know David said it won't be a sequel to Exiled Kingdoms, but what if it's parallel? while we play at the same time in exiled kingdoms we can also play at the same time (with a different protagonist, obviously) in archaelund. or it could be that archaelund takes place even before the events of exiled kingdoms.


What if wearing a complete piece of an Armor Set gives you a bonus? E.g: Complete Assassin Set gives +1 Stab?
I really want the final rogue armor to be black or leather at least. I requested back when David was building the expansion. I think it didn't happen because it is chain type. I think armor types only have one shade per types for ease of programming.


I think armor types only have one shade per types for ease of programming.

I asked about this a while back, its due to memory limitations. For 3D models a skin is a very small amount of data relative to the model; for bitmaps every skin is in effect a new model.


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What if we someday get to fight our own companions? Imagine Adaon, Grissenda, and Hirge, at their best, with their truly best gears, with equipments they all have from venturing the Varannar together with you, with all the skills you made them learn, now having to face you, the one who leads them the way to become the best version of themselves.

What if there would be a quest or some of them where Adaon, Grissenda, and Hirge all interacted with one another? I can imagine Grissenda and Hirge getting along divinely well and having no other feelings towards each other but respect. But I can also imagine the hostility Adaon and Hirge would show towards each other, and would only work together because it's for you. I can't exactly imagine what it'd be like between Adaon and Grissenda, tho.

This is actually a headcanon of mine, but what if Tol wanted for the living and the unliving to live together in harmony, because he wanted the ones dear to him to forever live with him? I have written Adaon and Grissenda's companion quests here, and I would actually like to write Hirge's involving her moral dilemma towards slavery, which eventually led us to finally meet Tol, in a dungeon which was full of Skeletal NPCs. My own companion quest on Hirge, however, may be heavily based on Fullmetal Alchemist.