What do you think is the best weapon element in this game?

The best weapon element in your opinion?

  • Fire

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • Cold

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Shock

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • Poison

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • Spirit

    Votes: 8 32.0%
  • Death

    Votes: 3 12.0%

  • Total voters


Spirit by a long margin. This "frees up" having to carry half a dozen weapons. Shock is the second most resilient.

Toxic? Just about everything in dungeons resists it, pretty much all Undead and Shadows which is obviously obvious, but also Minotaurs. Snakes and Mantiocres resist it as do Scavengers and Rats. And so do Giants. And of course Trolls do too. And Vorators. And most Constructs. And Cultists have some resistance. And Mercians. And Shamans and Ursans. Orcs too. And a lot of Unique human NPCs. But if Earth Elementals and Mirmeks are ruining your day it's the way to go.


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I tend to forget that Sonnet is possibly one of the best Short sword in the game.

And what enemy is healed by Spirit damage? Fire, Cold, and Toxic obviously have some enemies that not only have resistance to them but even got healed by them. Death damage also healed some enemies, and so does Shock damage.
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Best element is no element, its raw damage. Adamantite swords outclases evrything else, A LOT. Wiki only posts dps values on weapons counting elemental damage same way as regular one. It is because enemies have armour and resistances and when you crit only raw damage counts for that. If weapon has extra stun or paralyze then its real bonus or if it is faster or has better crit chance than regular ones.
When you play mage you can swittch weapons depending on enemy ,but warrior doasnt have any choice ,its adamantite sword all the way.


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These type of questions don't take into context, which is critical to this discussion. Are you taking on the trollfens? Than you better have fire. Are you taking on the Ark? Shock is your friend. Etc.

And elemental damage is only part of the total damage equation. It's possible to have a higher damage output even if the elemental damage is less, or negated.

So there's no real answer.

As a general go-to weapon, Spirit might serve you better overall simply due to the versatility of the elemental type. However, if you do the following standards you get the following results:

1) Fire element is the only one needed to complete all quests. You need to kill trolls in the arena to complete that quest so even running from trolls won't stop you. Taking on the Arc with a poison dagger might not be smart, but it's doable.

2) If you keep track of extra damage on an average, straightforward playthrough, , shock does more damage and more extra damage than any other element. That's mostly because ghosts and Ark enemies are weak against it. There are several enemies immune to shock so see the context matters disclaimer above.

3) Almost nothing is healed by poison (save those poison elementals) and lots of things are weak against it. So poison helps you, and practically never hurts you.

Context matters so really this discussion is not useful for general weapon choices.


I'm suppose to say Spirit but it has limited use, I mean it's good against Shadow enemies and it can't be resisted by most mobs but it doesn't stand out in most cases. Fire in the other hand can be resisted by some enemies but it's usually very effective against specific types especially Animals or even Undead (obviously almost 75% of the mobs in Varannar). It's also good against Shapeshifters, Trolls and Wyvern Whelps and most fire weapons also have some attributes associated with it like Beast Slayer, Holy, Silver and Vicious
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