What are some of your all time favorite DOS games?


My two stand outs are Doom II and Duke Nukem 3D. To this day Doom II is one of my top five FPS games. I first played it on a teachers computer. What used to get inside my head was that since the game didn't have spatial sound when you'd hear demon sound effects you didn't know if that demon was standing right behind you or on the other side of the room. Not withstanding that demons and zombies get inside my head anyways.

As for Duke 3D the level of interactivity and weapon variety where ahead of it's time. There's nothing like being able to throw a pipe bomb around a corner and see what you catch. Correct me if I'm wrong but the next FPS game I can recall that had thrown explosives was Halo 1. It was also one of the earliest games I'm aware of that used the capacity of the CD ROM for actual voice overs.