Weapon distinction


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Right now other than slight differences in speed and maybe crit, the weapon types do not really feel distinct. My proposal would be to make weapon types actually feel different.

Cleaves (Axe, Greataxe): They currently have the highest range of possible damage. Take this one step further by giving them slightly higher critical and thus you may crit for 12 or you may crit for 40+ etc. Making axes your more critical build.

Blunts (Hammer, Maul): These are slower than average, have crap for crit, and actually the worst weapon type in game it seems. A simple little change would make them fair. 3-7% chance to stun. They are slow so the stun isn't overpowered, and the slower the weapon the higher the chance should be. Also it should stack additionally to skills. (Ex. 3+10 = 13%, NEVER 100% or even close)

Blades (Longsword, Shortsword, Claymore): Blades should be slightly faster than axes, average critical, their normal higher average damage than axes and mauls (roughly same dps, not accounting for criticals). What makes blades stand out is their armor. This may seem strange, but shields in the game have armor, not block chance. Swords are the most well known of all weapons to be used in blocking and binding (Not counting Lightsabers). Claymores although heavy, can be swung faster than Axes and Mauls, and block MUCH better. Thus I believe swords should have 1-4 armor, making them ideally the tanky weapon.

Piercing (Daggers, Rapiers*, Spear*, Polearm*): These typically have the lower ended damage, but the highest attack speed. Thus to make them follow their piercing nature, they ignore SOME armor, maybe 1-5.

*These weapons are not in game, but good ideas for the future.