We are in Alpha 0.5!


Staff member
(Full changelog here)

The most basic functionality of the game engine is already working, and that means that, with a couple months of delay, Exiled Kingdoms is currently on Alpha 0.5.

Those of you testing on a daily basis will not notice anything extraordinary between 0.4.796 and 0.5.797, as it was just the last small step from one version to the next. But for Exiled Kingdoms, and for me personally, it means a huge step from 0.4, released in April 22nd.

In these 4 months, much has been added or improved. Just to list a few:

- item stacking
- NPC ranged attacks
- road encounters
- Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
- Savegames backup
- Traps
- Secret doors

In addition to this, world size has increased by 60%, and that includes not only new areas, but also new quests, conversations, factions, enemies and items.  Sprites have been upgraded, animations improved. The setting is now far more detailed, with factions like the Wizard's guild, or the Church of the Three, making appearance. Little by little, the story comes to life, even if it's still just outlined.

More important than that are the unseen improvements: the game engine is now far more efficient, especially in the last 2 weeks. FPS has increased by 30% on average, and battery usage should be much lower.

Thanks everyone for the support, with the testing and the feedback. Seeing people playing my game and having fun is the best motivation to keep working :)