Ways to use the Warrior skills


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I thought I might share how I personally use the Warrior skills. I don't have many active skills for my main character, just Resilience, all his points are spent on the Warrior special skills and Cleave, of which all special skills are at max level. Karkas is more a wind up toy, combining Duel, Heavy Hand, Massive Criticals, and Precision Strikes he progressively does more and more damage each strike.

My other warrior uses her skill points differently to get low level in all the active ones at 9th level. I use the Bash skill on the highest level enemy in combat to stun them, then wade into the supporting units, such as the bowmen or spellcasters. I use Cleave and Whirlwind to attack as many at once as possible, and if the battle starts to go against me I use Charge to get out of the melee, and then hit Resilience and boost my armour to make my escape.

How does everyone else use their warrior skills?


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Lvl 16
Str 6, End 3, Agi 3

Heavyhand III (maxed)
Massive Crit III (maxed)
Precision Strikes II
Duel II

Two handed III (maxed)
Whirlwind III (maxed)
Cleave I

Like you Im trying to max the advanced skills. However, I like two handed for the high dmg and stun effect. Whirlwind also does a ton of damage but isnt as necessary at higher levels imo. Finally, I havent encountered enough high level mobs to deem it necessary to put more points into cleave. In those few spots I just slow down and draw off one or two at a time rather than charging headstrong into the mob.

The biggest question for me has been whether to go two handed with Strength or shield with Agility. I have one of each and both work well. I havent found a one handed sword combined with strength that competes with the high dmg 2h axe or high crit/speed daggers though...