Warrior companion build


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I'm playing 60/40 distance/melee rogue.

I'm finding success with sword/shield companion. Should I contribute or make changes?
I may of picked all the wrong stats or abilities.
Resilience 1
Fury 2
Shield expert 3
Cleave 2
Str 2
End 3
Agi 1
Int 1


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Are you having fun? Are to complete quests without quite-rage level of frustration? Cause' if you said "yes" to both, than looks like you a got a good build that works for you :)

Some Questions
Q1: Why the off-hand weapon AND Shield Expert? The bug that allowed the shield bonus with an off-hand weapon has been fixed as of the last update or so. If you swap between her having an off-hand weapon and a shield, than the combination might be useful enough to keep around. If you never give her a shield, maybe invest the Skill Points elsewhere?
Comment: Totally up to you, but I have a personal preference to play Grissenda as a Shield User as the extra defense and increased minimal block goes a long way.

Q2: Why the 1 point in Intellect? Are you using summoning wolves with her? If you are using her as a back-up wolf caller to help aid in escape (let the wolf distract the monsters while you run away), than the INT 1 can be very useful. The XP increase (2%) isn't that much and is easily over shadowed by equipment or XP scrolls.

Q3: Why the Endurance 3? While it does ad some HP, which also helps with Fury, given the lessor trait points of a companion, END 3 seems a bit overkill given the slight increase in HP can be replaced by a potion or two.

Q4: Why not a higher Agility and Strength? Both help damage with Hand and light weapons, both help stay alive longer (STR gives HP, AGL gives Defense). Seems if you're using Grissenda as a crowd control meat shield, she could benefit from such improvements.


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I'm playing Hard Mode first time through, because most games are super easy. Not this one. Hard mode here is truly Hard.

Yes, she's cc meat shield.
I was going to get her precision strike Int 1 req.
High endurance = rage longer, easier to manage. I keep her under 50% most the time.

Forgot shield shield in the vault ,
Battle rage 3
Cleave 2
Fury 3
Heavy hand 3 or
Shield Expert 3

Input is appreciated.


As far as I'm aware, companions can't learn advanced skills at the moment. Might want to keep that in mind when planning skills.

Her total AP is = current level + 3, and skill points is = current level.

Anyway, there's multiple ways to build Grissenda. Since you've already decided on her being a cc meat shield, here are some things you could do. Really, it depends on what you're prioritizing in your build.

Consider that 1 point in three skills (each at level 1) could be more meaningful than 3 points in 1 skill ( one skill at level 2). With the exception of shield expert (3 skill points to max) I personally only max skills out towards the end.

1. For crowd control.
If using 2-handed weapons, maxed Two Handed Expert provides 10% stun chance per hit. Get a Bone Maul for stun, or a Permafrost Greataxe (endgame weapon) for paralysis.

If using 1-handed weapon + shield, consider getting a bone mace/ mystic bone mace for stun.

To apply stun/paralysis to multiple targets at once, invest in cleave.

In either case, Whirlwind and/or Bash can be invested in for stun. note that both cause the target to be knocked back (might be annoying if you're playing melee

2. For being a meat shield (let her make the first hit, then tank).
If using a 1-handed weapon + shield, you could get Grissenda a Sonnet or Lightning Falchion of Defense as a weapon. both provide 2 armor.

Resilience is strong, but inconsistent. If you have points to spare,
it could work on a 2-handed build. I'd prioritize shield expert on a 1-handed + shield build though, due to more consistency and lesser skill points required.

Aside from the armor stat, some investment in resistances helps a lot too. All in moderation, of course. If a piece of equipment boosts a resistance from 0 to anything between 1 and 50, it's usually well worth a slight loss in armor stat. Just don't go crazy with stacking resistances.

As for trait points...that one really depends on how much of each stat you're prioritizing, e.g. ratio of HP, Armor, and Damage? Anyway, you could check out my trait planner to get that one sorted out. Some traits really have no purpose for Grissenda's combat ability though, take INT and PER for example.


Are you using Hand Weapons or Light Weapons only? If light shortswords is your preferred weapon then you should consider putting only one Strength trait and the rest to your endurance and agility the reason is you'll only use Grissenda both as damage dealer and tank, Agility for Higher damage output and defense, Endurance for survavility and safer activation of Rage state. Strength only one point just for the bonus of +1 light weapon damage and 1 level HP, buy a belt with +1 strength or much better if you equipped Grissenda with Gauntlets of Might then buy Girdle of the Rogue for additional +2 agi since you're a member of Seventh House.