'Warrior' character build (

tl;dr, locked out of my account for a couple years, any character that isn't a n00b mage is for an older version.

So, naturally, I had a LOT of time on my hands with this game. And I've spent it hunting up easter eggs not listed in the easter egg section of the wiki, of which I delusionally believe there to be several. Among them, the mysterious suspicion that David has very, very strong opinions about rogues...

...it all started with the frustration we've ALL had with the assassin character; assassinate does NOT refresh stealth. Making it useless for actual assassins. So, just for the heck of it, I rolled a char to use it as intended - a straight-up thug stabbing from the front, albeit with sneak attack - when I noticed a simple fact...

...ever notice that a hand axe has the same crit chance as a dagger?

Yup. So, I quickly ditched my original thug, and rolled a new one to be played as David seems to mechanically suggest rogues should be played - "I would like to backstab... with an axe!" Sort of a forest warrior (or at least looking good in leather, since Aadon's the only person with any camping skill around here) with extreme roguish aspects. Building is the same as any stabber (stab/sneak/prec/masscrit/assassinate), but using strength instead of agility.

I would advise you to respec later in life if you're not determined. They're squishy enough that getting out of the forsaken dungeon felt actually realistic (can you find me anyone irl with a thousand hitpoints? no) - each individual battle was about 50/50.

Turnover happens around level 10-ish, where your awesome stab-and-assassinate scores couple well with sneak attacks to give you a giggling-with-lunacy axe-wielding murderhobo feel... and it's FUN! The axe really, really does make this more "I've finally snapped" hilarious! People are mobbing gris? I'll.... just crawl up from behind, kachunka, there's one, kachunka, there's two, oops, assassinate didn't trigger but I still do some pretty good enhanced damage from behind, FUN.

...David's right. It IS a LOT more fun with an axe, in ways you can't imagine until you've given it a go.

Doing it again, I would TOTALLY just respec later in the game - agi-with-knife to str-with-axe should translate it straight off; all the other skills are the same... but once you've got the development to put in it, it's totally worthwhile to respec. It is that much more fun. I totally agree with David in the argument with the DM from yore which I delusionally invented - "but why can't I backstab... with an axe?" - and giggling murderhobo is way, way more fun than a noble hero trying to save the world. By a lot.

Definitely wait 'till later, because a rogue in unhardened leather with 0 agi is a rogue that gets hit a lot if they every have to face-to-face someone... but if you just want to have fun, and maybe giggle a little as you slowly snap, you should TOTALLY respec your assassin's/thug's traits for strength and grab a steel axe off one of the orcs. Negligably more powerful than a standard assassin/thug later in the game, totally weak early, but defininitely worthwhile for the whole throwaway-for-fun, and you totally need one. Heck, create a side save before you reassign your trait points if you don't like it - but I'm guessing it'll be your favorite character for not having game ambitions and just wasting time and killing stress (and anyone you can) for fluff...

Number one lols and worth doing.