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    Junior 3D Artist wanted! We're currently looking for a junior 3D Artist with some experience in Unity, Blender and possibly other 3D tools. More info can be found here.

Wanted - 3D/2D artist


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UPDATE: positions are covered already, but if you still want to send your portfolio, it's fine, I'll keep it for the future.

I'm looking for 2D/3D artists for hire, capable of creating new assets for the game. This is an offer for paid work.

The skills required are, fundamentally, usage of Blender 3D, animation, and rendering into spritesheets. In many cases we'll work with stock purchased models, already rigged and animated, so it is not required to be a great expert. As spritesheets need to be edited in Photoshop, it is also required to have good knowledge of it.

If you think you're capable of the above, you can email me at [email protected] with some examples of your work. I am looking for a long-term collaborator, which will help me create not only assets for Exiled Kingdoms, but also for the next games in the pipeline.