Vigilant Knights Collection


I need to duel with 9 Vigilant Knights!!!
But I've been running the roads for super long and I've yet to find a single Vigilant Knight...
Not even one!!!

Is it just bad luck?
Or am I missing some necessary condition for the knights to appear?

I'm level 3. Is my level too low?
Do I need a minimum reputation?
Or a minimum number of days since the start of the game?

PS: My goal is to get Guardian Wolf III at level 4 for my new Specialist Builds, but for that I need to open the church, and for that I need 3 signatures, and for that I need to convince Latimer, and for that I need 40 reputation in Varsilla. Vigilant Knights give +4 rep and very few XP, which is, I believe, the only way for me to get to 40 rep without going past level 4. So, well, you see, it's suuuuuper important ;)


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Nivar Wetlands will always have two random encounters so it tends to be a good place to include in your running loop.
I'm not sure if the Nuisance Knight has a level requirement, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Level 7 requirement???

Giving how long it will take to get 9 Nuisance Nights to appear, it might be quicker just to knock out quests.

I'll follow-up with you in direct message about another option.


Oh yes, it would definitely be quicker with quests lolll! But unnecessary quests are not allowed lol

My goal was to pre-build a "Furromancer" for my friends, a level 4 cleric with Guardian Wolf and Beast Master, so players could start the game with both the wolf and bear summons :) But yeah...... I think you're right, the knight probably won't show up until level 7 or something like that. It's super sad. I could always do a higher level Furromancer, with both skills maxed out. Could be nice too.
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I never saw the suicidal knights on the road, so I decided to do townhall quests instead, without killing any monsters. To receive as few XP as possible, I took Hirge with me to go receive my rewards at the townhall, so she'd keep 20% loll, and it worked!!!

I got to 40 reputation and I was still level 4!!!

So I did everything else I had to, had my petitions signed and all. Was still level 4. But when I gave my petitions at the castle to open the church, there was an UNEXPECTED HORROR!!!!

I GOT 1500 XP!!!!!!! Nooooo!!!!

It pushed me over to level 5!
Damn it, I was so close.
Still, level 5 for a GUARDIAN WOLF III is not too bad. :)

@VDX_360 so I've found a mistake on the wiki loll. The quest page Three vs Eleven doesn't mention XP in the rewards. I've added it to my ridiculously long list of stuff to correct in the wiki. I'll make the corrections eventually lol
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