Very very hard game,i can't play no stress.


David, please slow down the game difficult a little bit, I'm with cleric in nvl.14 and I can not get past the holy phase admos. I love the game I bought the full version to be able to spend my time and relax, but the game is doing the opposite. I do not know where to get good things and I can not go far in the game. You know why you made the game would be dumb if you did not know. Well as a consumer and customer would like you to hear me. And improve the game.


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CristianoR":1xncnupc said:
I do not know where to get good things and I can not go far in the game.

1. Check out wiki, it has many pages about items, quests, way to obtain everything you can need.
2. Try to retraining your skills/traits, maybe your build isn't best for cleric.
3. Abbey of Saint Admus is place where as cleric, based on your build, you will be able to clear it easily at lvls 16-18, so I would suggest you to take direction maybe to Mausoleum or Mercian Royal Crypt.
4.Maybe you just tried too high lvl of difficulty, anyway every thing in this game is easy to obtain unless you are on ironman, afraid to die :D
Good luck ;)


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Here's the link for the Wiki, it might help.

What level of difficulty are you on? And what's your build and Companion? It sounds like you hit a snag at a tougher area that you weren't quite ready to beat. There's a lot of other quests and stuff to work on until you get a few more levels.

There's a mid-game hump, so to speak, that players tend to hit in which a player feels too strong for the first areas of the game, but not ready for the late game stuff. Each build and player hits it slightly different, but unless there's a serious issue with the character build, a few levels is all it takes to clear the hump.

One of the more common build errors (not a preference, a true-ish error) is using Light weapons with heavy or exclusive investment in Strength, often done because a player didn't realize there was a difference in damage calculations for Light weapons.

Anyways, if you provide more details about your build and playing style, the forum might be able to give you some pointers that could add up a real difference in the game.