updated gear (spoilers)


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Glass Cannon":3vzsi51o said:
that thuramium beast plate is good wow nice stats... but strange that its a random drop.... that should be a set drop because valerian is a quest npc.... so different drops is odd since you only can kill it once......

ill mail david about it....
No need, I'm here. the breastpate is a fixed drop if you kill him, the axe is the same that can also drop in the Citadel, so you can get it a bit earlier.

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Glass Cannon":31qw927w said:
oh and for the people who already killed him....?

like i didt do we get a second chance..?
The archempire thuramian is in progress, so maybe next update?


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what axe is that? anyone have stats on it? david I understand if you don't reply. this is for your players/fans to figure out.

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jacklikeslove":17h66jd1 said:
what axe is that? anyone have stats on it? david I understand if you don't reply. this is for your players/fans to figure out.
axe of depths...


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When I was playing as my Rogue I found the Axe of Depths but sold it off because neither she nor Hirge could use it, but I haven't found it playing as my Warrior... where is it again? It's red, right?


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axe of the depths
class warrior
damage: 4-25
speed: 9 critical: 5%

dropped by ashen minotaur warlords and can be found in secret room in citadel.


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Necrombumping for the same purpose this post was initially started.

I haven't started on this patch yet so feel free to contribute.

again as a reminder.

item name and how to acquire are the most essential info.
if you can provide more details that'd be great


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A complete list of New items...
credit for this list goes to
'A Shady Traveller'
A Shady Traveler":3fwyuoyt said:
Updated List of where to find new items, now with:

- Lannegar Mines: Firedancer Robe dropped by the Firedancer (quest)
- Kingsbridge (Quest Mad Wizard): Orb of Shadows or breeches of Mad Wizard
- New Garand (Quest A Mysterius Letter): Vitriolic Staff
- Nayau Tomb in New Garand farmlands (Quest Forgotten Lore): Icy Wand (dropped by necromancer miniboss)
- Imperial Fortress (Steel Coast): Wand of the Seas
- Wyverntail Complex: Wand of Storms and Toga of the Theurgist
- Deep Cauldron: Rod of Incineration (Chest in Dragon Boss room)
- Abandoned Tower: Staff of Storm
- Cave of Echoes (Thyr Ridges): High Mage Robe (in a secret room)
- Iross Highlands: Totem of Protection random dropped by werewolf
- Cursed Abbey: The Corruptor Staff (dropped by The Abbot), Sandals of Saint (secret room in North), Witch Robe and Sorceress Sandals (both dropped by Vanaranni witches), Scepter of the Underworld (dropped by Greater Demon in Hellish Cave)
- Minotaur Maze lv2: Mino Mage drops Staff of Mighty Missiles and Shaman Charm
- Mercian Royal Crypt: Wand of Power dropped by King Myrso (4), Hood of the Ermit (in chest of room 4), Staff of the Dead Kings dropped by Queen Tenera (5)
- Castle Bluerock: Mystic Sandals (dropped by monks)
- Nirloth Cave in Zamohr Mountains (An Odd Couple quest): Prinzar's Tunic (dropped by necromancer miniboss)
- Trollfens: Shaman Boots (in chest)
- Mausoleum: Robe of Caretaker, Greater Blue Orb (secret room in traitor's pit) and Imperial Mage Wand (dropped by Lich), Ruined Dragoons Boots (random in chest of Flame Dragoons Area), Ring of the Red Sorcerer (random in chest of Flame Dragoons area)
- Irazur Tomb (Great Inori): Tholassian Great Staff and Tolassian Wand (both are random dropped by skeletal evokers)
- Kurg Cave: Mystic Bone Mace (random chest), Invisible Fist
- Dragon Coast: Valeran (if killed) drops Thuramian Breastplate
- Bappsalar Cave: Orb of High Clouds (in secret room chest guarded by 2 dragons)
- Sunken Citadel: Tunic of the Lightning Priest (random drop), Cloak of Dark Fate (random drop), Staff of the Traveller
- Ark: Tesla Emmiter, Tesla Rod and Plexifiber Robe
- White Tower: Enchanted Vulcan Bow (reward from quest Swine Trouble), Arcanist Ring of Fire/Ice (reward from quest Swine Trouble)
- Ice Mist: Wand of the Arcanist and Staff of the Arcanist (both sold to Mage Guild members), Phantom Longsword (quest Lady of Night), Amulet of Dark Whisperers (quest Lady of Night), Deepfrost Glacier (reward from quest Missing Missionary), Skeleton Key 4 (chest in Greyrune manor), Breeches of Mad Wizard (dropped by Dorphis Greyrune), - Cristallized Wand (chests in secret room in Icemist Underlevel)
- Deepfrost: Skeleton Key 5 and Beating Heart (quest Lady of Night in Desecrated Ruins), Staff of Impact (Dragon in Desecrated Ruins), Brother London’s Holy Symbol (corpse in city), Tiara of the Mentalist (corpse in forest)

Random drops
- Magma Greatstaff (dropped by dragons and one player got it from kurg king.)
- Batrax Wand: in chests of Imperial Fortress
- First Winter: dropped by Lich
- Jester's Skull dropped by humanoid bosses
- Imperial College Emblem (once dropped by Kurg King)
- Nature Robe and Forest Robe are random dropped by Druids, Varannari Witches and Skeletal Evokers
- Greater Green Orb appears randonly in chests (once in Winvertail Complex)
- Greater White Orb dropped by Batrax (and Yeti I think)
- Greater Black Orb found in chest in Jabal Grotto secret room but don’t know if random or not
- Journeyman robe, gloves, boots...

Purchased in towers/ alchemists: Apprentiece Robe, Journeyman Robe and gear, Arcane Leather Doublet, Wand of Scourging, Cauduceus of Scourging, Oak Wand, Elm Wand, Staff of Force and many lesser Orbs

- Branch of the Holy Tree
- GreatStaff of Force
- Ring of the Planeswalker (i have it, but dont remember where i got it)

New Black Shards
- Dorphis Greyrune in Greyrune Manor (Icemist city)
- Ancient Yeti lv17 in White Plains
- White Dragon in secret dungeon of Desecrated Ruins (Deepfrost)

New event in Icemist (southwest corner) -> be approached by Dorphis Greyrune (it requires quest Shards of Fate to be incomplete) -> go to his manor in east.

New Quests
1 Probably the best potion in the wolrd in Whitetower (northeast corner) talk to Tonel the Brewmaster -> bring him 1 Merple + 2 fat chunks
2 A Swine Trouble in Whitetower (southeast corner) talk to Mifadis -> (optional) talk to Rasmund Per3 check -> find Rosy -> tell truth or lie to Mifadis or go bring Rosy back
3 The Missing Missionary in Icemist (southeast corner) talk to Brother De Frere -> find Brother London in Deepfrost city -> bring back his pendant
4 Lady of Night in Icemist city (northwest corner) talk to Captain Torder -> touch statue -> find amulet in corpse of ruin in Icemist outside (north) -> return to statue -> find Beating Heart in Desecrated Ruins (Deepfrost) -> choose to free Syllara or not
5 Sewer of Horrors in Icemist (southeast corner) talk to Folcard Whitestorm -> enter Icemist Sewers -> Activate 4 levers (1 is in a hidden room) -> gain access to poisonous room, there activate 3 levers and teleport -> enter Icemist Underlevels -> gather 3 Magic Rubies in possession of Blue Wizards (1 with dragon leader White King) + find Breno (secret corridor in northeast) to activate statue (southwest) and bridge to northwest. Pass through Red Wizards (kill leader Saradan is optional) -> enter Elemental Plane of Fire (it's near Basalt Citadel!?) -> enter portal to Deepfrost Glacier in southwest (there are chests in corners with resist fire potions and fire rings...).