Unified Features Request?


New Member
Hey, I have a few requests/suggestions and I wasn't sure if you wanted us to post a new topic per request etc and thus maybe we could consider a rolling thread with different suggestions but all in one place?

-I would like to see our health get restored instantly when we level up just as in Diablo 2 (including the merc)
-be able to quick change vaults like in the character selection aka merc and player
-possible prefix/suffix: life leach, mana leach, knock back, anti knock back, anti stun, anti freeze or slow, slow
-make it where cold can freeze or slow player/monsters etc, poison too the same way
-not sure how crafting will take place, but it would be convenient and awesome if it was done in a cube that you carry like in Diablo 2
-i know it has been requested and is in the works, but restat would be so great right now ;)

I am sure I will think of more, thank you for all the hard work!