Undermother strategy/tips? (spoilers I guess)


At what level do you think it's realistic to take her on unweakened? I was thinking of trying it before finishing shards of fate, to actually take her shard, which means my rogue would have no ark or ashen gear.

considering the Freetown arena championship fight was mildly challenging for me at level 15, I suspect level 16 is not the time to go for it lol. but it would be annoying to put off completing the shards of fate til the 20s, who wants to XP grind without access to the sunken citadel or the ark?

does anyone have any advice for handling her, besides loading up on restoration scrolls and Hightower specials and scorpion venom (and probably potions of heroism, tragic or otherwise, and epic omelettes)?

my current stats for lvl 16 rogue are AGI 5.(absent gear), everything else at 3 (current gear brings all traits up 1 except personality), skills have maxed out evasion, stab, and assassinate, and have level 1 each of trap mastery, massive crits, precision strikes, and (uselessly for this) bloodlust (I just enjoy how it pairs with maxed assassinate and stab), and also level 2 sneak attack and (uselessly for this) level 3 dungeoneering. and magic scroll skill, haven't given it any points yet.

for weapon of choice I will need to compare stats between trollcleaver despair and melporths sword which I'll probably get soon. iirc the last isn't Light, so it doesnt rly suit my build, but I remember it being a strong beast slayer and vicious, besides poisonous.

basically when I have 10 more trait points the plan is get END 4, AGI 6, and as soon as possible get flurry and phys development, with plans for maxing out flurry, getting to level 2 in phys development and precision strikes, and maxing out massive criticals.

so basically I like jaw dropping DPS and I like working with Hirge, giving her maxed heal and intervention to keep us alive forever.

for this mission I was thinking I might have to abandon her highness in favor of adaon since I make him an archer build and I was thinking a poisoned longbow with scorpion venom might be helpful if I can keep us alive with frequent use of restoration scrolls. but maybe just hirge with lots of scorpion venom is a better plan. not really many poisonous weapons available to her...

I'll probably summon some guardian creatures and hire a meat shield too. any other tactics people find effective? her stats on the wiki seem very imposing.


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If you want to go all out for it at minimum level, I'd take Addon and then respec maxing evasion, stab, assassinate, and both crit abilities. I suspect the troll cleaver has higher dps output vs her but only just barely, due to its slightly faster atk spd. As for level... Idk if I'd try it before 18 or 20. Double rogue setup is a bosskilling machine and has access to the best poison weaps. I'm really not sure what it will take to let you survive the downtimes on heals and evasion, though. You can probs reload until you get enough stun and crit combos to pull it off, if minimum level is really the goal, but practically, it's hard to say. I've never even considered attempting unweakened undermother pre-20, myself.


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Best Advice:
If you want the Undermother's Shard, go for the weakened way. That's the designed plot way.
If you want to kill the Unweakened Undermother, skip her shard till you're much stronger.

But, if you're committed to the idea of killing the Unweakened Undermother for her shard, than pack of for a long fight. Even the best kite players will struggle to stay out of her path, so you're going to need a lot of top end potions and scrolls.

In addition to the standard healing potions, venom potions, and Scrolls of Circle of Restoration, Summon scrolls are helpful. They won't make much of a difference in a the fight (1 or 2 damage), but they do give a crucial distraction if the Undermother comes after you.

For the Undermother, esp in her Unweakened form, poison damage is going to be your friend. Her Unweakened defense is 56, so even the hardest blows won't dent her too much. In contrast, with a zero resistance to poison, she'll feel ever drop you stab into her.

And don't rule out Mercenaries for this fight. They won't last long if the Undermother sets her fangs on them, but every damage she does to someone else, is damage she isn't doing to you. Plus, the most recent time I beat the Undermother, the Mercenary survived the entire fight doing 1 to 2 damage and the little over paid freak got the killing blow in when my character was stunned and my Companion was knocked out.

At any Difficulty Level, taking on the Undermother at Level 16 without end-game level gear is ambitious. Don't freak out if you end up dying a lot before you realize it's better to come back later.

Good luck!