Undermother in the timeline (spoilers)


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I noticed that when you try to fight the Undermother she says the following line to intimidate you: "When your Empire was still young, I was laying my eggs in the corpses of dragons." This is a very badass line, but also made me think.

Since the Undermother grew so strong because she has a shard of the eye of Tol in her, that must mean that she only existed in this state after the eye of Tol was shattered, so a long while after Tol got ascended to godhood.

However that means then that Tol must have existed before the Empire, which would be strange since they had their own 11 gods and there is never a single reference or evidence found that the Three and Tol existed alongside the 11 god emperors.

I see four ways how this could be explained:
- Tol and the Three existed before the Empire and lived alongside with the 11 god emperors. This would be strange because their religion is pretty new and there is never any reference found that they both existed alongside eachother.
- The Undermother wasn't talking about the Empire as we know it but she just used that term to refer to the four exiled kingdoms.
- The Undermother was already a dragonkilling badass before eating the shard of the eye of Tol and eating the shard only made her stronger. This would explain why she doesn't turn weak again after completing the eye and turning the other shards worthless, though her daughter doesn't turn weak either.
- The Undermother can timetravel.


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Basically, it is your third listed option. She was already mighty and millenia-old, but she had not absorbed the shard until a couple centuries ago.