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Its not that dificult you just need enough hp to survive runing on lava and some healing potions. I did it few times with Farazoul pursuing me to the exit, speed potion also can help, and sometimes dragon just eats Grisenda and you can run away undisturbed, he has there good fire wand and 40 death defence ring so its well worth it . Think level 9 is enough , and you are very unlikely to be able kill him at such level.
Hence I said for a "bit" of challenge especially for "lower levels" 'coz it's not too easy to survive the dragon's physical attack with lower level gears and lower HP pool. Respawning the chest's content without respawning the dragon will prove lesser threat. Experienced players may treat it as a joke but it will give sufficient challenge for newbies and newbies alike
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BTW i'm one of the players that utilized Potion of Speed to get a weapon from chest earlier than expected particularly the "Wyrmslayer" but new players might find it challenging and it's a fun experience for them. I'm sure David want them to feel that challenge to add some thrill for the game experience
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There are a few places where out-of-game knowledge coupled with a few potions and scrolls can net someone a strong item early in the game.

Common tactics include:
Grab and teleport (you just need to survive 3 seconds).
Potion of Speed and run.
Let your Companion / Summon distract (a token wolf can be good for that).
Just run.
Or some mixture of the above.

There's a certain dragon filled cave where if you aggro all the dragons in the same room, it might be better just to run back out of the game. It's not a re-treat, it's a tactical repositioning...