Townhall Quest Cap? Reputation?


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I have a few questions regarding townhall quests
1: I'm not sure what the cap is on townhall quests. I read somewhere that there is 140 max, but is that per townhall area, or is 140 the max in total?

2: What is the maximum reputation you can obtain? Can my reputation go above 100? I know there's no rank above 100 but I'd like to know. I don't want to waste a townhall quest if the rest of the quests will automatically get me to 100 reputation within the area (assuming there is a maximum amount of townhall quests, that makes them indispensable in raising reputation)

3: Will there be any additions to reputation ranks past 100 in the future?

4: Can I get an explanation as to how the townhall quests rewards (exp and gold) scale? Do they increase based on my current character level, or by number of townhall quests done, or any other sort of mechanism?


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Based on my understanding at this time, and the current version:

1) Town Hall Quest Cap: It SEEMS the cap if any, is above 100 and is per Town Hall as I've gotten Hero Status for every Town Hall. If it is limited to 140 (not sure where you heard that?), than it could be wise to try to use them strategically but yeah, might be useful to know.

2) Reputation can go over 100 (Legendary Hero). Most easily obtained in Towns in Varsilia due to the number of side quests and the pesky Random Knight that gives +4 every time you spare his life.

3) Reputation ranks over Legendary Hero might be a bit excessive but they could be part of a future update? Game isn't at Version 1.0 yet???

4) While there *might* be a sliding scale for XP and gold reward based on Character Level, the biggest factor seems to be the tier of the quest. You might have notice that certain Townhall quests are easier or harder than others and have bigger gold rewards at time of acceptance? Those give bigger XP. The thread on Lessor Known Game Mechanics might have an entry on this subject (and if not, it could use one).


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Information about maximum number of THQ is given in purchase info of the game. The number changes as David adds new THQ.