To crit or not to crit


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Hey guys. Been playing this game for about a week now. Wasn't a fan of the graphics at first but it's an awesome game.. keep it up dev guys.

Anyway enough of that

text wall incoming!! Tldr at the bottom

Reason for this post is that I've been playing a rogue and deciding whether to build around crits or not. Unlike other rpgs, crit % can't be stacked to obscene levels where you're critting every other hit or even a majority of the time. Unless I'm missing something (and pls correct me if I'm wrong) crit % maxes out around 20% by using a dagger (13% crit) with precision strikes 3 (150% weapon crit%). Did some math to compare using heavy handed (for better base dph) vs precision strikes and massive crits.

Some limitations on these mathematinicals - dph is assumed constant (unlike in the game where it's a range), 12% weapon crit chance was used to make the #s easy to work with.

X = dph, X1 = X2 + 5 ......... All skills assumed level 3. Hh adds 5 dmg to X1

If player with heavy handed 3 hits 100 times at 12% crit, dmg is roughly equal to 88(X1) + 12(1.5*X1). 88 reg hits and 12 crits at 150% dph.

If player with prec strikes 3 and massive crits 3 hits 100 times, dmg is roughly 82(X2) + 18(3*X2).

Simplified the two expressions I came up with and set them equal to each other to find the break even point.

106*X1 = 136*X2
106*(X2 + 5) = 136*X2
530 = 30*X2

Break even point is about 17.666numberofthebeast


This means that when dph > 18 (rounding up for simplicity) using precision strikes and massive crits is better. And heavy handed is better if dph < 17.

Some questions that I have:

Is elemental dmg factored in when crit dmg is multiplied?

Do you guys like these types of posts? I think similar content/analysis would be good to add to the wiki.

Sorry for any bad formatting and if this has already been discussed before. I'm on mobile which makes sorting through results annoying

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My understanding is that Critical % is for the base damage, NOT elemental damage. That seems supported by the in-game combat log.

Yes, the pros and cons of Critical Hits has been discussed before, and as you point out, there's a trade off between increasing Critical hit rate, critical hit max and basic damage, be through skills or equipment.

Keep in mind that Damage Per Hit and Damage Per Second react differently to changes to critical factors so it's not always a clear answer to the question, esp when taken into consideration available equipment or secondary effects like stun.