'The Unholy,' a fluff cleric build...

'And so I said to him, "in the name of the three, that is to say, the magical sky zombie which crawled out of the grave - Brother, J'anus stinks of rotting flesh!"'

I... have had way too much time with this thing. It is that awesome, though. And I assume David will probably not confirm or deny the "Brother J'anus" thing.

So, this is "the Unholy." It's a totally fluff build; maybe you can beat the game with it, maybe not, it was invented for the fluff, not for competition. Doesn't do too terribly. Requires membership in the church of the three - sadly.

Needed skills :
- retribution
- bloodlust
- anything to dump the mana absorbed, I chose healing.

Premise :
You're an evil SOB which absorbs the soul of anything you can get your hands on in a policy of death sacrifice to yourself. If you check the 'required skills' bit, it even works.

Other skills :
You'll probably want prec strikes/mass crits. Since, you know, your main goal is to slaughter everything you can find and absorb its soul. Turn undead and crusader are kind of neat, too, just for the 'absorb more' thing.

Major flaws :
- with the game formally finished, you will never get a permanent +1/+1 for absorbing the soul of the unweakened undermother.
- same with the dimensional parasite, various major extraplanar lords, etc.
- you can't get duel and retribution at the same time, and duel would totally match this character perfectly; slurp power from them, then eventually absorb their soul entire. Chances of a duel clone which requires retri/bloodlust maxed currently unlikely.

Benefits :
- You actually DO get pretty good immersion as an evil SOB who commits mass murder for the purpouse of absorbing the souls of all living and unliving creatures across all planes of existence to fuel your power.
- You also get to wonder why the church of the three hasn't kicked you out at any point along this course of action.

It will probably not be the ultra-optimized min-max; it's here to embody a concept, not be some obscure numbers hack. Personally, I run mine on an agi build just so I can kill things to absorb their souls, and use an official sacrificial dagger to do so.

(perhaps I shall go to a very warm place for the sky zombie crack. if so, it just so happens there's one in my backyard...) ;)

Also totally disappointed that there's no way to SLAUGHTER the three and permanently absorb their power in the game, but not at all surprised. ;)

If you've got a slot available and just want a well-themed character, well... it's decently consistent with its concept.