The Ultimate Beginners Guide


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I - Classes
II - Companions
III - Fast power spikes
IV - Tips and Tricks (for cleric,places to grind and general gameplay), give me suggestions for other classes since i know a bit more about cleric then the rest :)

WARRIOR - so lets start in order, the warrior is a pretty straightforward class
being able to focus on high damage and still gaining lots of healt or focusing more on tanking with shield losing on dmg but gaining more on armor and hp.

2-Handed warrior-is the way to go if you desire a character that can run through hordes of enemies with ease. But still you need to decide if you want a skill focused or passive focused warrior. Im gonna talk about the passive one because i only played that one and here is the build:


Your trait priority is as follows: STR>END>AGI (keep END at 4 or 5 later and AGI at 3 no need for more since you get lots of trait giving items) as for INT PER and AWE you only need these for conversation choices (they are still very important).


•2-Handed Expert-MAX nothing to say here just a must have.
•Fury-MAX this is what makes you a beast if you can manage your health, but not just that this skill is also needed for an advanced skill that is a life saver.
•Cleave-II or MAX a nice way of dealing with crowds, rly good for farming at certain places you decide if you need it maxed (same goes for the S&S Warrior).

Now for the advanced skills:

•Duel-II or MAX again nothing to say just awesome but i think you should delay maxing it a bit.
•Heavyhand-MAX once again a must have.
Now it gets tricky cuz I've seen players go AGI 6 and flurry but i have never done it so i cant talk about it but if you feel confident go ahead.
•Battle Rage-MAX- this badboy here is my favorite warrior skill it makes you literally unstoppable and gives you time to deal as much dmg as you want, a must have.
•Body Development-MAX this is the best last skill or if you dont know what skill to invest in, makes you survive way more good once you have decent STR and END.
After this you will be a bit short on skill points but still if you decide to grind at around lvl 20+ you can get this due to tomes of lost wisdom from sewers and adaon quest.
•Precision Strikes-MAX another great skill but deley it till later on.
•Massive Crits-MAX great skill get it after PStrikes.

Companion for the 2-Handed warrior is Hirge, more about her later in the guide.

S&S Warrior-do you want to be a tanky son of a bitch?Then this is the build for you. This build focuses on tanking more then damage but you still need to invest in dmg. Again it gets tricky since you can go Shield + Agi Weapon or Shield + 1-Hand Weapon. Im gonna talk about the second one since i know it better.


STR>AGI>END and the same for the 2hand but you can go more then 3 AGI cuz of the dmg and armor END ofc at 4 or 5.


•Shield Expert-MAX nice skill for all stages of the game, also needed for an advanced skill.
•Resilience-MAX or dont get it, a very good way to boost your survivability, either that or just dont get it, its actually not that important just good.
•Cleave-II or MAX.
•Bash-MAX or dont get it.

Advanced Skills:

•Duel&Heavyhand-MAX the best combo.
•Infantry Training-MAX makes you rly tanky.
•Body Development-MAX again makes you beefy.
•Precision Strikes&Massive Crits-MAX the best combo.
•Heavyhand-MAX more dmg dont forget.
•Spirit Ward-MAX or dont if you want it just get it its 3 point, good for surviving.
The rest is up to you see what you like.

The companion for the S&S Warrior can be either Archer Adaon or Hirge, more on them later.

ROGUE - The rogue is the rapid dmg dealer being able to dish out more dmg then any other class if built right. The rogue focuses on single target dmg but also has arguably the best survivability due to certain skills.
All of these things combined make the rogue a machine. Also the rogue is a rly expensive class due to the lack of gain in INT and PER and a need to reset if you want certain conversation choices.

So lets start with the

Archer Rogue focuses on using bows and dealing with enemies from afar.

Summary: Be smart, think about the long run and prioritize what you need the most.
(Goes for all the classes)

Rogue prioritises dmg over anything so
AGI>AWE>END>STR>INT>PER okay let me explain. Why INT so low? When it gives you trap disarm and xp boost?The xp boost is small so its not worth just for that and the trap disarm is filled with other things. Just get 3 AWE and ofc bcz of all the points in AGI you can disarm anything with a bit of luck, and getting Trap Master early helps if you want. Also getting STR 3 END 4 is way more important bcs of stats and skills. Ofc here comes something i said in the beginning rogue is very expensive if you myb want the 1 skill point you get from a certain quest if you dont have enough floating trait point to put your INT to 4 and get away with 1 reset you will need to do it twice, once for getting INT 4 and once for getting back old stats, but do mind that INT 5 PER 5 and AWE 5 are needed if you want to get certain endings so you can keep your traits but will suffer in dmg at that stage. So prepare to make some losses. One more thing why just 3 AWE when it gives you ranged dmg? Well think there are items that give you more AWE so wasting more of your own points is meaningless,
In summary think about the long run and dont waste points.


Archery-MAX must have for archers.

Now comes a bit of an argument. A lot of people still think you need stab and assassinate evan with archer to make it "decent" no, no you dont in my opinion the best way to build it is pure archer so with that being said lets go on

•Evasion-MAX i cant evan describe how useful this is max is second and dont hesitate.
•Rapid Fire-MAX doubles your DPS so yea get it third.
•Precision Shots-MAX dont confuse it with •Precision Strikes lol happend to me once.
•Massive Crits-MAX must have combo.
•Body Development-MAX for an archer this is kinda a must at least when i played it.

•Sprint&Trap Master-Optional but in the ARK Its a must since you wont have someone to tank for you.
From now on its your choice if you wanna maybe get Poison Master and buy 10 thousand poison buff potions or get magic training (be smart with this) and get party restoration scrolls do what your heart desires.

Companion for Archer Rogue is Hirge, more about her later.

Assasin Rogue uses a light weapon and a dirk to get the most dmg possible, being ablo to do the most dmg out of any class.


AGI< and well basically the same as i said for archer just ofc without high AWE.
But see you need to think about late game, (this goes for every class) you cant just leave your STR at 3 for MCrits and put everything in AGI, its not worth it.
Late game is different because you can adjust your build at anytime but still pay attention.


•Stab-MAX immediately.
Hmm now we get into Sneak Attack, most rogues use this but i dont.
I just dont like it, its up to you if you wanna use it. But ofc you should get this skill after you finsh the build since i think you still have some points to spare.(22lv+)
•Evasion-MAX right after stab.
•Assassinate-MAX as soon as possible.
•Flurry-MAX right after.
•MCrits&PStrikes-MAX combo.
•Body Development-MAX last just a more useful skill than SAttack.
Now you can get SAttack if you havent traind some resistances witch is okay, you can still reset (and forget) your skills remember.

The best companion for Assasin Rogue is Grissenda, but Hirge is still viable ofc.

MAGE-Is the class for you if you want to attack from afar and cast flashy skills.
But dont think that its the same as an Archer Rogue because its rly not.
The mage can be played either a summoner or a elementalist, im only gonna talk about the summoner since i played it alot and i havent played a elemental mage yet. The summoner can be used with a few elemental skills but i didnt use it so you wont find that here. You probably noticed but when i play a specific build i want it to be pure its more fun for me and i think its better.


As you can see here STR is the least important one but still needed to maximize skills like Body Development.
Nothing alse rly to say ofc the rly important rule for every class when it comes to traits i said earlier, dont overcommit in traits that dont matter as much, same goes for those that matter simply know when enough is enough. (Go around the forum and see other peoples builds and get the idea)
At the endgame your traits should look something like STR 3 END 4 AGI 5 INT 7 AWE 2 PER 4. I feel like theres no need to say this about every class since mage i think is a just bit more complicated when it comes to traits.
Another thing about STR, the 2 hand bonus doesn't apply to staffs, at least it didnt but i think it still doesnt.


The skills for the mage are different, with other classes you always build those skills so you can build up to the build you want.
With mage thats impossible. Since you get entry to the Wizards Guild just before mid game you have to build elemental. But i wont include that ofc.
The build you are going for is Staff Summoner and here it is.

•Staff Mastery-MAX the name says it.
•Lesser Summon-MAX since you need it for the lord and savior Iron Golem Summon.
•Mage Armor-III no need to max this, but its a great skills that saves you from traps go and test it out yourself, have it active at all times. Also needed for Mage Barrier.
•Mana Surge-II no need to max, needed for Arcanist.

Now the advanced skills:

Iron Golem Summon-MAX this little guy right here is the reason of this builds success once he reaches max lvl prepere for an easy stand and watch.
•Summoner-MAX needed for Iron Golem.
(Also a tip, lesser summon NEEDS to be used against enemies with shock dmg :)
•Arcanist-MAX this skill makes your life easier.
•Mage Barrier-MAX if you want to know what this does read the skill above.
•Body Development-MAX needed for Ark, sewers not so much.
•Disintegrate-No more skill points :(
(For a mage i grinded for the visions in the temple to get the skill point, i dont think i got it yet)

Now i left the best for last.
Gonna take time to explain this AS BEST AS I CAN.

CLERIC-The one and only. This is my favorite class and also the class i played the most of. Here i didnt need to look up what other people suggested like for warrior and rogue. Im sure i know everything important about the class, in the title i said left the best for last yes i think the cleric is the best class, the most fun for me too. Unlike other classes i know a few very important tips and tricks about cleric.
The cleric can build Immortal Cleric or Warpriest (cleric with warrior guild rly good but Immortal Cleric is just better)

Immortal Cleric:



So ofc you need to think what your traits are gonna look like when you get to endgame.
•PER 6 hold on a bit till you get your other traits stronger to put this on 6.
•AGI 5 get this at 3 for early game dont hurry.
•STR/END 5 too important to miss.
•INT 4 start pumping up int when you need to farm long runs.
•AWE 1 i mean you just get +2 on this from a quest Lady of the night so no need for more.


•Heal Wounds-MAX around 100 hp get it at II.
•Intervention-MAX now this is the reason why cleric is the strongest class in my opinion gonna talk about it later.
•Holy Flame-MAX nice skill and needed for Flames of Faith.
•Nivarias Barrier-MAX.

Advanced skills:

•Summon Wolf-MAX a must have good dmg, good health.
•Summoner-MAX needed to make your wolf stronger.
•Battle Prayer-MAX the first advanced skill to get just so good, after this you get wolf.
•Flames of Faith-MAX rly good but later, you wont be using this every encounter.
•Body Development-MAX must have.
You should have like 3 points to spare at lvl 22, with this either get recovery or spirit resistance.

Companion for cleric is 2-Handed Grissenda.



There are 3 companions in total Grissenda the Warrior, Adaon the Rogue and Hirge the Cleric and you get them in this order.
Companions revive when they die, and the people you hire in towns are called Mercenaries and they dont respawn.
The companions can be ordered different commands but nothing too complex.
So lets start with Grissenda:

She can be built 3 different ways believe it or not, 1-Hand&Shield, Light&Shield and 2-Handed.
You can find Griss as soon as level 2 while escorting Rodney, kill the zobies in the first room and the second then healp up and just run towards the skeleton with the pendant and run back.

I personally recommend the last 2, maybe that Infantry Training looks good but evan with a rogue i prefer light weapon.

So lets start with the 1-Hand build:


Yep this does very little dmg.


•Shield Expert-MAX
•Body Development-MAX
•Infantry Training-MAX

Now the AGI build:

The rest is just END.

•Shield Expert-MAX

And the last 2-Handed build:

AGI 1 (for equipment bonuses)

•2-Handed Expert-MAX
•Body Development-MAX

Next is Adaon the Rogue, he can be build 2 different ways, melee or archer.
Found around Trader Pink in New Garand after releasing him from a cage during the main questline.

Here is the melee build:

AGI>Everything else
Thats all you need to know lol just get the other traits for his skill requirements.

•Stab-MAX or III
And then just the basic adv skills for malee
Assassinate, MStrikes and PStrikes

Archer Adaon:


Exactly the same as malee maybe a bit different due to AWE.


•Rapid Fire and PShots

Now, Hirge the Cleric, she is found in The Great Inori, she will give you a quest to retrieve a necklace. To beat the trap without using Adaon you wont need AWE 2, may take a few tries for a beginner but you'll get it. When the poison actives run straight to the room with the mummy, once it releases its own poison move out of it and then kill it. (May need a speed pot, and a healing pot just for this)

The only build for Hirge you should use:



•Heal Wounds-MAX
•Intervention-MAX Just a must if you want her to be useful against bosses.
•Heavyhand-MAX nice dmg boost.
Rest is up to you.

Fast Power Spikes.

Fast power spikes for Warrior are:

•Lighting Greatsword, located in Eastern Inori and dropped by the Varannari warrior, for this to drop you need to side with the Freetown slave owners, can easily be done at lvl 5-6.
•Axe of the Falling Stars, located in Freetown and costs around 15k gold.


•Located in the Crimson Hills you can find the Golden Apple tree, and behind it there is a skeleton holding the Holy Branch the wand you can easily get this with a couple invis and speed potions at lv 5-6.
•Also in the Crimson Hills there is tower protected by Golems, containing the Staff of Thunder.
•In the Whitetower Valley there is a skeleton holding the Crown of Mentalism, if you can handle the storm and the yetis this can be obtained at around 7-8.


•For an archer there is a very powerful bow located in the tower in Crimson Hills, inside it you will find the bow.
•At round level 11-12 you can easily go into the Maze of Lamth lv2 and get the Wyrmslayer from the zombie dragon and teleport right away.

For the malee:
•Stilleto can be obtained with the combination of Evasion and an Epic Death ward and a speed potion quite early on, it is located in the Imperial Fortress.
•Around lvl 11-12 you can get a +5 dmg dirk from the Zombie Dragon, just teleport right away to not die.

Not much at all, maybe the Mace you get at around lv 20 when you defeat the Void Lord but thats just to late into the game.

Tips and Tricks:

1. (EQUIPMENT) Save all your gems especially diamonds and emeralds, you will need them to get better equipment.

2. (CLERIC) You can cast skills while still being able to move, for other classes i dont know but for Cleric simply press the attack button and a skill you want to use.

3. (XP AND GOLD) This has been a topic for a long time and still is, what is the best place to grind for xp and gold?
There are multiple answers, at different stages of the game you grind at different places, your class is also a choosing factor that determines where to grind becouse of its clear speed.
You can do something like me, find YOUR OWN place to grind, i discovered that the Orc Lair in Kingsbridge is the top 3 places to grind for all characters especially for mage.
The Wyvern Mountains are definitely top 3 too, being able to keep it small and only kill the dragons and just area reset to grind for emeralds or just going full map clear (including the hobogoblin lair is your choice i do it cuz gold :) which grants alot of xp and white wolf pelts to sell, i normally did this around lv 14-16 before discovering the Orc Lair in Kingsbridge.
Another cool place to grind is definitely the Sunken Citadel a must grind if tou want to take on the Ark.
How to grind in the Orc Lair is simple, run straight to the room with a army of orc and kill them, then (since low level) lure out the guards around Orc King one by one.
The King will always drop 500 or evan 1000+ gold items, + you eventually get a toj of Light Healing pots (pick these up to they are useful).

4. (GOLDEN APPLES) This is a grind too but a different one, you simply run straight to the tree that holds one guaranteed GA and grab it, then run back to the area exit at the top right corner of the map and area reset, repeat :)
Same goes for vorator eggs.

5. (AREA RESET) Simply get out of the map that you wanna farm or reset drops from mobs and load area save and go back.

6. (XP SCROLLS) Dont waste them unless you go for a full determined grind, especially if they are 15%. But still rather keep them for doing major quests like SoH, Ark, Void Lord etc..

7. (CLERIC) This is what kept me alive against bosses that are too difficult at this stage of progression to take on.

The Zero Mana Trick, take your mana to 0 and test it yourself first swap your biggest mana item for a weaker one that gives less mana then once your mana is 0 put back the better piece of equipment and boom! You have your mana back but what is this gonna do?
Combine this with Intervention III and you are Immortal, this is the key feature that makes the Immortal Cleric Build.
Against bosses such as The Undermother you will not be able to pop a mana pot when stunned so you just need quick fingers and a better mana equipment then the one you are already wearing.
Same works for Hirge, thats how i killed The Lord of the Pit first time on my mage.

8. (SPIRIT) This resistance is rly important for certain enemies, lets take The Undermother for example, im a bit rusty on this but and correct me if im wrong.
You will need 180 spirit res to immune stuns and halve paralysis witch is a life saver.
Basically having 50 spirit rest halves the time of stuns by 50% and at above 100 starts to halve paralysis.

9. (RESISTANCES) Basically similar to spirt but they lower the dmg against their form of dmg.
50 fire res will halve all fire dmg, but you cant get this up to 100% reduction as far as im awere of, but still having more resistance is always useful.

10.(WIKI) May be the most useful tip here, just use the damn wiki.
Literally has all the info about any quest, location, where, when something spawns not to mention the item table etc..
Just help youself and use it.


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@Sitdownkid , you can use the spoiler tag to break up a long post into more readable sections. For example

This is where classes are talked about

This is where Companions are discussed

Also, there are several notable errors, several game hacks (frowned upon in game rules), and as you state in the post, it's not a guide. It's just your personal opinion based on your own experience and preference. So maybe the thread tittle can be updated to better reflect the nature of the post.

If you'd like to write a guide, I encourage you to think about what isn't already in the Wiki. What can you say that will help new players? Where are new players getting stuck?


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I just included what i needed when i started playing, about the errors tell me what are they and i will fix them.
I dont understand what you mean by its not a guide its personal experiences, i mean how else can i make a guide. And everything about the game is somewhere in this forum and wiki, dont see a problem with putting it all togather as a guide.
I included all i know about the game that could help newer players.


You're both right, VDX has over 3000 messages to his credit so really knows his stuff like an elite 0.00000000000000000001% player.

Sitdown has that "brand new fresh" feeling we all had back in the day.

Sitty... do listen to VDX. He isn't a hater any criticism he gives is constructive. Always. 100% always.

Some of the hacks that are frowned-upon are still parts of historic threads. I get that it's not always easy to determine what is and is not a hack and what is and what is not an intended feature. For example, it's not a hack to sleep to reset an area, but it is a hack to save and reload to reset an area, but do we here really have a list to say to people with 8 posts to their credit what is and what is not a hack and what is and what is not a highly intended feature? I mean, heck, one of the things we do to help players debug a seemingly problematic playthrough is to "sleep" at an Inn. Another is to save, exit, reload (the classic "turn it off and on again" IT support).

Anyway, I love you both and I've been drinking a lot of red wine.


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@Sitdownkid , writing an "ultimate guide" for this game is a difficult task. There's just too many ways to play the game, too many variable in class builds, etc. That's the main reason such a guide doesn't exist.

A more achievable goal might be to write "Sitdownkid's Walkthough for the Holy Cleric." Play the game and take notes, starting from the character selection screen to saving the world. You don't need to worry about the options you didn't take, just the ones you make. That might give a more useful guide, a more personal experience and something the community could use. Holy Clerics are a less selected builds. I think Agility warriors are more common. So your guide could help shine the light on the merits of this overlooked build.

This is Test Cleric's guide to the Holy Cleric, which is a cleric class that joins The Three as a guild. The Holy cleric is going to be good at killing undead and staying alive. Those are two useful things in a world trying to kill you.

I've played the game numerous times now, and I find this class to be the most enjoyable, most unstoppable and really recommend it. This guide is based on a Normal level of difficulty. Hard and Ironman may be different.

Naming a character: You can have a random name generated for you, or you can type in your own name. The gender of your character doesn't impact any aspects of the game such as traits, skills or quest options. Male characters get a few unique dialogue options if they try to flirt with a certain female NPC but it doesn't alter anything such as XP, gold, or quest options.

For difficulty level, this guide is going with NORMAL, Hard, and Ironman may play a little differently. The description of each difficulty level in stated in-game.

You start the game with 4 trait points. You have to assign them all. Read the Wiki on traits for more information. I gave 1 point to STR, AGL, INT, and PERS. The Holy Cleric is going to use a lot of mana, so getting PERS up is going to be helpful. But for the early game, spreading those points around will give some much needed rounded benefits plus laydown a foundation for the first few level-ups.

You start the game with 1 skill point to assign to your 8 starting skills. You can read the Wiki on skills for more information.

For skills, it can be a real toss up between Heal, Arbenos' Might and Sacred Fire. Heal is going to be long term useful but I went with Arbenos' Might as it provides a huge damage boost for early game. Level 1 Might adds +3 damage with +7 fire damage to each hit of your starting mace for only 2 mana. It's the most efficient attack boost in the game.

You first gain control of your character at the map A Forest Road, which serves as the game's tutorial. Follow the road, it's the only path. Might will make short work of the goblins and lone wolf. You should be able to make it through without using a Recovery, but if you do get low on life, use the Recovery Skill.

After waking up robbed by Adaon, you're left with an Iron Dagger and 18 gold. The gold is the right amount to stay at an inn. A Mysterious Letter is your only active quest.

From here, you can go anywhere. But given your low level, and limited equipment, the nearest town is your best option.

Captain Whitewater is the NPC guard by the entrance to Lannegar. He'll tell you about local matters, and point you in the direction of other people needing quests. Telling him "its the right thing to do" rather than asking about a reward will net you +1 Reputation with Lannegar. You can read more about Reputation on the Wiki.

Talking to the old alchemist starts the quest Gather Ingredients.
Talking to the priest will unlock Flesh is Weak.
Talking to the priest and asking question about the The Three will earn you some XP.

Note: Once a day, Clerics can Pray to the Three at an city Altar. That will restore 2x your level in mana. Early game not so helpful, but by mid-game that's enough to cast heal a few times.

Leave the town and kill 5 goblins. With Might, it should be a really easy task. While any five goblins will do, aim to take out ones along the path to the mine as that will make your next quest a little easier. If you're lucky you'll also find a blue orchid near the path. The blue orchids you can can collect spawn near the bigger blue flowers on scattered around the map.

If you're following this guide closely, you'll reach Level 2 somewhere in the mine. Use your 2 trait points to raise your Intellect to INT 2. That gives you more mana (Clerics get mana for every 2 points of INT). It also sets you up to pass some trait checks latter. For skills, put 1 point into Heal, and 1 point into Crusader. Heal will be useful for the entire game, and Crusader will be useful in the next few dungeons (plus lots of places later on).

Return to Captain Whitewater and report your success. Pass a PERS 1 trait check and ask about money to get an extra 40 gold. Ask about next job to unlock The Lost Explorer.

Head to the NW corner of the map to enter Lannegar Mine. You'll find the missing scout Teram near the entrance. Talk to him to learn about a lever. Note, if you ask why you should help him, it will net you a small ruby later but at the cost of some reputation. You don't need to clear out the entire dungeon, just the path to the lever. Flip the lever, return to Teram and return to Lannegar. Keep him alive so avoid unnecessary fighting.

Captain Whitewater will give you the next step in A Mysterious Letter but you have things to do in Lannegar Valley.

Give the blue orchid to the alecmist for some XP and the next step in the Gather Ingridents, which is a red orchid.

Buy equipment. Early game, shields are more useful than 2-H weapon simply due to the limited option for clerics. You should have enough to buy several pieces of equipment including a shield, boots, gloves, and the leather leggings that look like a leather dress.

Talk to Rodney, in the SE corner of town (south of the altar) to start The Seed of Trust. Escort him one map to the west to Northen Bluemist River. Delivery him safely to the colony to earn your reward. Happily agree to the lower price for the most reputation, argue to get more gold. Pass an AWA 1 check to catch him in his lie. Note: If you're following this guide, you won't have the AWA 1 to pass the check.

CLERIC's and Escort NPC: When a Cleric uses heal, they heal themselves with any extra healing going to their party members. This includes escorts. This can be useful to keep escorts alive on tougher missions.

Now that you're in Northren Bluemist River, you can talk to Grissenda, you're first companion. Pass a PERS 1 trait to get information about the nature of her problem. Talking to her starts A Warrior's Honor for nearby dungeon Kleyou Tomb. To recover her ring, you'll have to fight a few zombies, a skeleton, and a ghost. With Might and Crusader, it should be pretty easy. Note, you can just run in and grab the ring and run out but you'll likely better off just killing the enemies. Head straight to the ring and leave. Save exploring for another trip.

Return the Ring to Grissenda to get her as a Companion. Note, if you refuse to give her the ring, you forever loose the ability to recruit her as a Companion and the ability to do her Companion quests.

Somewhere around here you'll reach Level 3. Save your Trait points, but spend your skill points on raising Crusader to Level 2. That stun chance and damage to undead will come in handy.

Talk to Sheryl in the middle of the Colony to start Hunting Bugs!. Just a few steps north of the colony is a mirmek nest by the river. Smash it a few times to destroy it. Each time you smash it, a wave of mirmeks pop out. With Grissenda as your Companion, it should be an easy fight. Return to Sheryl to collect your reward. Talk to Nisor to get more details and to start the quest A Wil Mystery

Head to the NW corner of the map to find the path to the west, which will take you to Rhonis Plains. Speak to the altar priest to start the quest Shaking Bones. Don't forget to ask him questions to earn free XP.

Speak to Captain Teara in the center of town. Bow respectfully to earn +1 Reputation. Ask about any problems and you'll start the quest Coyote Hunt. Kill ten of the nearby coyotes and return. Decline a reward to get the most reputation and a potion of lessor shielding.

If you're following this guide closely, you should be read for your first rest at an Inn.


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Just started a test Cleric for the above idea.
At one week of in-game time, 18 quests completed, 2 ready to be completed, Level 6, Companion Griss, Level 5, and pretty much just walking over enemies. Playing Normal for this guide idea. That always seems much easier than Hard.


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Wow that actually makes sense holy shit im dumb xd
Thanks for this and ofc i didnt think VDX is a hater lol most of his massages helped me when i started.
What you wrote makes so much sense, this is my first time doing something like this for any game so when i was writing this i just wanted to include as much info as i can that helped me so that it can potentially get pinned and help newer players.
Since it was my first time doing something like this ofc i didnt expect it to be perfect and im glad that a moderator is obviously an older and mature person than me (17 btw).
Gave me motivation for that "Walkthrough of the cleric"
Gonna make a char and start.


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@Sitdownkid : Good luck! It's going to be a sizeable task. My quick notes for the first in-game week is just over 1,000 words. So one can imagine doing a truly in-depth guide is going to be a sizeable manuscript.

I suggest you think about your target audience. New players to the game, new to RPG, age range ? You might write a guide for 6th graders differently than adults. Also, are you trying to set them up for a rushed game, taking every short-cut or most efficient route, or are you going to let them explore / rest / wander a bit? How constraining are your instructions?

I also suggest you briefly explain any major step. See example about starting traits. Just to let the reader know if the reason. My notes for my own test on this idea include a statement about getting a Vault when you get 1,000 gold rather than spending it on equipment. You'll find equipment better equipment pretty quickly, you'll need that vault to hold quest items so you can loot more stuff. Etc.

Lastly, if it isn't fun to write, don't write it. If you're eager for the experience to write something like this, awesome. But if it starts to feel like work, feel okay to stop. There's no achievement for writing a guide.

Have a wonderful week.


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Just to mention one other tool, you also could use colors, to make some parts of text distinctive.
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My tip for any new players is:

At the beginning of the game, when you are lvl 1, swipe the gnomes and their money, catch the orchids.
When you get back at Lannegar delivery the goblin quest, but only this. Now you have more than 70 gold and still be lvl 1.

You will seek for a mercenary with brown clothes, if there isn't any you will save and sleep at inn for 12h for reset. If none appear you do load your save and try until you get one.

This way you will have a lvl 4 mercenary with a lvl 1 character for 50 gold and this dude will be stronger than Grissenda when you get her...

The mercenary price goes up 50 times your level. So when he is dying, rest or go to the inn. When this is well played you can have 3 lvl 4 in your party to do easy quests