The gate in the quest sewer of horrors doesn't open


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I pull every lever in that place full of poison, and yet the gate won't open, I have other wizards who have already made that question, but for some reason, this didn't work. Is there any way to fix this?


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@Sophia:3, Welcome to the Forum!!!

I'm sorry to hear you got caught in the Developer's hideous death trap. There's nothing quite as panic inducing as running around that caged room while an endless stream of sewer golems chase you. It's a horrible way to die. It's even worse than getting locked in a room with a troll.

But, relax. The forum is here to help. As concisely stated by the Developer above, there are five levers for that gate. Two of which aren't in the poison area. I know, the Developer is a tricky, son-of-a-swamp-donkey.

This exact issue came up here if you want to use out-of-game knowledge.

For background, David the Developer is an old-school DM. He thinks killing your beloved characters is a good way to pass the time. I hear he's made killing off Iron Man characters into some type drinking game involving way too much Friguld rum. He also uses kittens to search for bear traps outside orc caves. David also thinks Thanos was right.

Good luck on the rest of the Sewer of Horrors. Just keep in mind, you were warned even squads of Battle Mages were fearful to go deeper.