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Greetings all;

Thanks David for hard work!
All functions seem to work fine. I tap tap tap in attack out of habit so no problem there. Lol.
Overall, the update story is good but seems a little jinky, if thats the right word. Not quite as polished or full as other quests for finishing out the crown story, but then again i am trying to remember all it took to get here, so it may just be memory flow. Getting the crown in the ruins was pretty easy, but i might have been set just right. 23 level fighter with rogue companion. Seems anti-climactic to just hand it over to a nice bishop willing to die. Perhaps visiting uncle for a follow up quest with the crown, linking it to finding sister? Not sure your future plans.
Still cant reach boatman in Nivaria.
Bank was an odd quest, as i was full storage and so had to leave some stuff behind but most was repeat stuff. Might be good to offer a repeat visit.....
Only found a couple new weapons, but have not made 2nd runs.
Killing chancellor was also anti-climactic. Friguld just turns into a pill to visit after bank robbery and chancellor.
On the warrior guild quest to help defend, if you run into camp and are being chased by werewolves, they killed the NPC i was supposed to talk to, so we all just stand around. Hopefully i can return for a retry.
The new red key was exciting to get, but the loot drop from the tomb was nothing special. Again, anti-climactic.
Overall things work fine, and probably key comment for me was story flow. Seemed slightly disjointed or awkward might be the right word. Take my comments with grain of salt. Just mostly impressions is all, and not sure what linkage there is to some future content. thanks again
Not open for further replies.