Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)


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@QIUKC , thanks for the very detailed post above. As a moderator, I removed the reference to the internal game file as that brushed up a little too much against the no hacking the game rule. Also, a bit off topic for this thread.

I also added spoiler tags to use as organizational breaks for your long post.

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Primavera do leste MT Brazil
Essa é a ficha do personagem mais bonito deste jogo que eu já vi.🥺
É porque ainda não viu meu mago lv28
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jogo a muito tempo, sou brasileiro

nível 28


força 5+1

Resistência 7+2

agilidade 5+3


Detecção 4+1

Personalidade 4+2

HP: 904

MANA: 414

Cabeça: capacete com óculos

Torso:a pele da undermother

Mãos :luvas automatizadas

Pescoço: pingente do magister

mão esquerda: sabedoria dos mares

mão direita: espada de nanocarbono

Anéis: anel do abade e anel de aprendizagem de Iagus

Costas: capa do urso

pernas: calças de seda negra

Pés: botas pé de ferro

Cinto: cinto superior do poder

Dano: 21-27,+20 elétricos

Velocidade: 10

Crítico:6% (28-40)

DPS: 43,4


Relâmpago 3, tempestade de gelo 2, invocação menor2, fonte de mana2

Descanso extra 2, perito em masmorra 3, desenvolvimento físico 3, desintegrar 3, domínio da terra 3, conjurador 3, lâmina arcana 4 e combustão 3

31 de armadura

Resistências:fogo 22, frio 37, choque 44, morte 61, veneno 54, espiritual 51

(Muda de acordo com a necessidade, muitos equipamentos guardados)

O golem de ferro é a força bruta, o clérigo cura Hp. ao atacar oponentes fortes, utiliza:

combustão 3 + dano elemental da espada × lâmina arcana 4 + baterias antigas para descargas PEM + relampago 3 + tempestade de gelo 2 + desintegrar 3
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Could someone tell me how to increase life? I have it at +2 but from what I see in videos you can recover +3 or +4. I'm level 16 and I don't see how to do it. thank you


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Hello everyone, been playing for a couple years now and finally signed up, been using the forums and wiki for a lot of learning so thanks to everyone. Just wanted to share my stats for my second Rogue playthrough. Currently doing the SoH before I try for the Sloth prince fight again.

Lv 24 Rogue -
91/97 quests completed (trying to get them all)
Secrets Found - 78
Str - 4
End - 4+1
Agi - 9+1
Int - 3+1
Awa - 4+1
Per - 2+1

A/C - 35
Damage - 29-35+6(Death)
Speed - 13
Crit - 18% (36-95)
Effect - Paralysis (6%)/Slow (6%)

Resistances - Fire 30, Cold - 14, Lightning - 35, Death - 55, Poison - 45, Spirit - 34

Stab - Max, Stealth - 2, Sneak Attack - Max, Evasion - Max, Flurry - 2, Precision Strikes - Max, Massive Criticals - Max, Assassinate - Max, Poison Master - 2, Body Development - 1

Helm - Primal Ice Chain Coif
Chest - The Undermother's Hide
Gloves - Explorer Gauntlets
Neck - Bloodied Scarf
Main Weapon - Shadow Blade (also have Dancing Flame in my Bag of Holding)
Off Hand - Dirk of the Gambler
Ring 1 - The Abbot's Ring
Ring 2 - Ring of Unlife
Cloak - Vorator Hide Mantle
Legs - Hunter's Leggings
Boots - Ironfoot Boots
Belt - Girdle of Agility

I have kept pretty much every unique and rare item so I can switch things around as needed, also did kill both Fire Prophet and Undermother, turned the crown in to Tol, and chose the Amulet of Dark Whispers to use on Gris for stun immunity for some of the boss fights. Took out the unweakened Undermother very easy with the amulet on her.

Gris build - (2H - Attacker)
Str - 5
End - 4+2
Agility - 2+1
Int - 1+1
Awa - 1
Per - 0+1

A/C - 31
Damage - 26-34+5(Death)
Speed - 10
Critical - 8% (35-85)
Effect - Stun (10%)
Resistances - Fire - 0, Cold - 37, Lightning - 49, Death - 53, Poison - 30, Spirit - 44

Fury - 2, Two Handed Expert - Max, Cleave - 2, Precision Strikes - 2, Massive Criticals - 2, Heavyhand - 2, Body Development - 2

Helm - Helm of Leadership
Chest - Myrosian Breastplate
Gloves - Myrosian Gauntlets
Neck - Battle Gorget
Weapon - Scimitar of the Wolf (also have Rancor in bag of holding)
Shield - Enchanted Scutum
Ring 1 - Ring of Unlife
Ring 2 - Ivory Ring
Cloak - Cloak of the Bear
Legs - Myrosian Leggings
Boots - Myrosian Boots
Belt - Girdle of Agility

I have enjoyed using her in a 2handed tank style but sometimes carry a 1hand sword for certain bosses and have her sword and board, without the accompanied skills to min/max that style.

Well, that sums it up for my main and my most used companion. I have Hirge set to a Heal focus with one rank in intervention, and Adaon set as a Archer. Hirge is sometimes with me and I only rarely take Adaon out for walks. If you guys have any comments or questions or tips, I'm open to hear what y'all think.

Thanks again to everyone who posts to the forums, the admins, and moderators, and David, for all that you have helped share and development of this fun game. :)