Sweating like a pig that walked out of a sauna guide

life tiger

Welcome back to life guides with tiger! So... today we are going to talk about sweating... like a pig that walked out of a sauna...

There are 2 reasons why you clicked on this... you either want to get to places in life or you have nothing better to do... well if you do want to get to places in your life then follow these easy steps and you'll be a sweating like no tomorrow!

1...! You know how runescape is a thing? Well go get a pair of dragon claws...

2...! (If you didn't find dragon claws you can use imaginary dragon claws) now you have to find a victim... I usually choose the air... cuz it's that evil! A worthy foe!

3...! Use your dragon claws special attack on your victim

4...! Continue useing your special attack and wait for more energy to recharge so you can use it again

Congratulations you have completed these steps (I think) and soon you will be as sweaty as a pig that walked out of a sauna.... j.. just.... think of the possibilities and the stuff that you can do now.... you can't can you? Well that's cuz there are endless possibilities now!!! Oh and... this works best in the summer after you drank a lot... now before I end this guide i will tell you a secret... when you become a master of sweating... you could go to sleep and use your new powers to wake up in a podle of sweat!

Well after you have done this tell me how much this guide helped you