Suggestion & Thoughts! (small spoilers)

Ian Skylark

This game is great.

Now that that's out of my system, there's something simple I think would be great to implement into the game. 1 or 2 more skill slots!

~~ Suggestion ~~

I play a Cleric. He's level 22 and there's so many awesome skills to choose from. It's a little upsetting that I have to decide between them all and settle for just 4. David, would you be so kind as to let us have up to 5 or 6? I'd love to be able to use Flames Of Faith and Sacred Fire for massive aoe damage, as well as Arbenos's Might and Battle Prayer for a damage/armor boost. Not to mention the necessary Heal of course. But even then I'd have skill points left over for that lovely Ice Wolf I could summon! But I can only choose 4 of those... see the problem?

Your game is great. I know you hear that a lot, but really, it's the best one in the app store. A couple more skill slots wouldn't take away from the fun, and it would be a quick and easy addition too, right? Pleeaase.

~~ Thoughts ~~

So I just beat the Ark. All I can say is, wow.

Coming in for the first few times I felt like those blasted spiders were out of my league. My heart would start pounding everytime I had to face one. I wouldn't dare face two of those things at a time.

I remember running around the first couple rooms like a headless chicken trying to grab whatever I could snag from the boxes before those things got me. But I would get cornered almost everytime. Eventually I decided to suck it up and give it my all, see how far I could get.

Well. Let's just say now I just straight up walk into the rooms guns blazing like I own the place. 3 or 4 at a time? No prob. Battle droid or two? Pffft.

Trust me guys, things will seem utterly helpless at first but once you understand how to deal with those baddies, it'll be a walk in the park. The horror on the other hand, ha. GL. I took the peaceful route, ain't about dat life.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. At least consider what I had to say about an extra skill slot or two, it really would be a great addition. Thanks for creating this truly epic game for us Mr. David. Chao


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The extra skill buttons: yes, I already replied to this, they will be added for 1.1. I will add them to the "roadmap" thread so it's clearer for everyone.

I am glad you "enjoyed" the challenge in the Ark. The progression you describe is exactly what I tried to bring on the table: seems impossible at first, but when you learn the new rules it is indeed very doable. I know some people are frustrated at the difficulty of the whole ending, but it's not more of a challenge than Firedancer Itharrak was at level 4, or Lady Xidar at level 10; suddenly you discover button mashing is not enough, you need to find a way, and I loved to get level 20 "superheroes" out of their comfort zone and back to a harsh reality.

Back in the day I was never able to complete the ending fight of Elder Scrolls I: Arena, and it's part of my fond memories of the game; the same with Wizardry IV. Most RPGs back then I was able to beat, but in some I failed; it is alright as I failed to go the extra distance and the way I see it, there can't be true joy at success if you were guaranteed to win from the very beginning.


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Yeah, David, I was one of the players that felt like the Ark was going to be impossible at first. I finally gathered myself and prepped for the Ark properly with my lvl 24 Rogue and beat it, even fighting the Dimensional Parasite and beating it after 5 or 6 attempts. Now, revisiting the Ark is still challenging but doesn't seem nearly as impossible as it first seemed. Now, my lvl 24 Warrior, on the other hand... still haven't finished with him, I'm going to need a LOT more potions since he can't evade like the Rogue can. Not having Hirge is a real pain!