Suggestion: evasion mechanics


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I'm afraid it might have been suggested already, but I'll do it anyway - how about diversifying the combat by an addition of evasion mechanics?

In other words, I suggest introducing an "evasion" and "true strike" chance attributes represented by a percentage. For example, a 25% evasion bonus that a mob or hero has, means a quarter of attacks on that unit will miss (unless that unit is stunned). From the other side, a 25% of true strike bonus means that each attack has a 25% chance to hit a unit no matter if evasion bonus of that unit procs or not.

By that I mean adding a chance to evade an upcoming physical attack or land a not-missing strike. Let AGI and AWA points be responsible for those. So each AWA point gives +5% chance to avoid an upcoming hit while each AGI point adds +5% chance to perform a true strike.

Aside from buffs given by those traits, the evasion and true strike bonuses should be affected by weapons and armor also: heavy armor pieces with high AC rate like those of platemail type should give a debuff to evasion bonus making it harder to dodge an enemy attacks; 2H weapons should have a debuff to a true strike bonus making it harder to smash highly evasive enemies by large mauls.

Of course it opens a rooms for a large set of enchanted gear like "swords that never miss" or "leggins of evasion" and so on. Well, u got an idea. :)


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Rogues get the Evasion skill already.
Adding any type of extra evasion to the game would throw off combat balance. The game is designed in a certain way and that's the core of the combat mechanics. Major changes like adding a whole new factor to the combat system is unlikely.


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I don't think that would work well. EK is an action-RPG, hit mechanics are not supposed to be affected by rules (only damage is). Of course I love complex RPG systems like D&D, with stats and dice rolls determining the chance to hit or avoid; but for good or ill, EK is an action-RPG. To hit something you approach and mash the attack button.

"Core" mechanics are no longer subject to radical changes, for they have a chance of heavily disrupting the gameplay of one million (generally satisfied) players. I can't just turn the game into something else...

On the other hand, my next game is turn-based and includes avoidance/to hit mechanics similar to what you describe.