Start a Cult!


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How the hell did you make a goddarn cult?
Just wondering how you hold back from doing something with the girls while sleeping… Heh…

It's a secret game feature. Just need to have a high personality score, gold, and go on WOLF NEWS say racist comments about the Varannari. ;)

As for our "shared intimacy", yes, we do it like rabbits every night. I have a secret crush on Zenmo, his wife must never know!
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Mass battle vs the New Garand sewer rats?

Gorx Lair Marathon, running over lava?

Yes the rats would be a good match for my cultists if I don't help them loll. But with Battle Prayer, they're actually a fearsome bunch! They slaughter Usan warriors in seconds!

Throwing them in lava would be a beautiful sacrifice I must admit...
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Fascinating! What's the trick - you start the quests without finishing them and each of these NPCs keeps following you around? Will they fight when you encounter enemies? Brilliant!

We must hire a mercenary before getting followers though, because mercenaries are won't join you if you already have a follower, or even a summon. But the quest NPCs will follow you regardless of how many people you have in your team!

I guess it's technically cheating, but it's super hard to get them all while keeping them alive loll. Rodney is the worst. I swear all he wants to do is die loll
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I know now you just have to do the quest on where the NPC's follow you but you just don't have to finish the quest nor send them home.

Poor NPC'S they "REALLY" now know the meaning of Tough Luck eh?


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Summon that Guardian Wolf, too.

Every team neads a Mascot.

Next Level Challenge: Get them to the Final Boss.

I can't get humans into the Ark. I tried to push them through the barrier, kept pushing until Rodney passed out. Guess I'll have to let the Forsaken win and wait for the horrors to get out of the ship.

They would be a great offering to Kalagru, though.

PS: I'm leveling up to get that guardian wolf mascot! :D




Start a cult! Gather a following of 8 gullible devout cultists that will adore you, fight for you and happily die for you!​

Class: Cleric
Guild: Church
Companion: Hirge
Difficulty: Easy (recommanded)
Spells: Heal Wound, Battle Prayer, Flames of Faith, Guardian Wolf
Items: Matching Robes only (no chest armor), No Shield, No visible Helmet

Prayer to The Eleven (Click to play in Youtube)

- Learn Heal Wound I
- Get Hirge
- Dress in matching robes
- Join the Church's Guild
- Learn Battle Prayer I

Once you've learned Battle Prayer, recruit your cult members in this specific order:​

Choose and hire any mercenary as first cultist.

Level 9
To find him, ask his wife Eirama in Freetown.

Level 3-6
To find him, ask his husband Usham in Southern Bluemist River.

Level 6, Sydarun Oasis

Level 4
Tutor Anton Gredt will tell you about her after you complete his first 2 quests.

Level 3-4, Lannegar

Level 2-3, Lannegar Mine
To find him, ask Lannegar's Captain after you complete his first quest.

Once you've assembled your cult, keep them alive until you've completely mastered these spells:
- Heal Wound III
- Battle Prayer III
- Flames of Faith III
- Guardian Wolf III

Send your cult members to their doom in a glorious sacrifice! Be creative!!!

Post screenshots of their glorious sacrifice so we may enjoy your cultish creativity!

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Guys! I've done it!!!
Hirge and I have started a CULT!!!!! And we already have a pretty good following!!!!!!!
"MAGA", Make Andoria Great Again!
The Empire was stolen because of illegal aliens! (Which is technically true loll) and the horrors are FAKE NEWS! ;)

Look at all those pathetic credulous cultists! They follow Hirge and me, and they would die for us! Actually they die a lot loll It's hard to keep track of them all so I make sure nobody has died lolll BATTLE PRAYER and HEAL are wonderful with a team of 9 :D

My cleric is named "Cult Leader Baba", she owns a bunch of taverns and brags about her gold all the time. She claims she's Queen of the Exiled Kingdoms, but she doesn't have any evidence of that... Which is not a problem to her loving followers, they believe her anyway! ;)
I'm thinking of having them storm a castle somewhere, or maybe send them all to their death as a sacrifice to the dark gods of something. Any ideas?

Maybe I'll bring them to Syllara's Shrine in Thuram and let the lich offer them in sacrifice to the Sorceress Queen of Orogg...
9 companions... very well. you shall be the fellowship of the Ark!

Well there is Teram from Lannegar, his cousin Rodney, also Usham's husband Niur, we have Loremaster Riella, Lady Liserpix, Zenmo and the hired mercenary Svella. With Hirge and I it makes a team of 9!

Once I get a wolf summon we'll be 10! Amarissa and Breno are out of the question, but Zilda might join our cult for a little while. Am I missing anybody?

We had to sleep in the same bed hahaha! We obviously did have a quick, casual orgy. Zenmo is dumb but cute, Liserpix wears nice Mercian perfume and Niur is buff from all that slave work! ;)
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I can't keep my cultists around forever. Most are too weak to keep up. What should I do with them?
abandon them in the sewers. if you can impossibly make it to the under levels then you can have bremo join your cult, and then if you have the spirit wolf you will have raised the new Eleven! maybe Landrys Storme will finally forgive you.