Spiritual Ward

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Hello, I'm currently a level 13 2 handed warrior, I would like to know if it is worth spending 3 points to learn Spiritual Ward. I noticed that paralysis is very bad and usually you die if you are paralyzed with little life, with +30 of spiritual resistance do you notice the difference?

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No, I don't think so. I think you'll do fine if you equip the holy symbol of the three (+20 spirit resist). You can get that from the quest where you unlock hirge. Other than that, you can just let your companion take the damage, or rely on luck.


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Yes... and... No. Most players take a different path to deal with stun / paralyzed.

If you're playing on Hard, and esp if on Ironman, than you might want that notable survivability from an extra 30 Spirit Resistance. But between Battle Rage, and Equipment with Stun Immunity, you should be okay.

2-H Warriors based around Fury seem to have the most trouble with getting paralyzed. They have a lot less defense than their 1-H counterparts, and tend to stay at low health to keep Fury active. Or they just don't have the potions to heal.

The necklace Amulet of Dark Whispers is useful. And even one skill point invested in Battle Rage will let you break paralysis.

Spirit Resistance is an odd beast that takes a lot of Spirit Points to make a difference.

At Spirit Resistance 50: You have 25% chance to fully resist, 25% to take 1/2 stun and 50% chance to take full effect. That's 75% to get stunned or partially stunned.

At Spirit Resistance 86, those numbers become 33% all around, which gives you a 67% chance to get stunned or partially stunned.

The game currently allows one to get stunned / paralyzed while under the effect resulting in those painful chain-stuns. The Developer said he -might- adjust that in the next update. (Don't hold your breath.)

So while Spirit Resistance is nice, in theory, the reality is for most playthroughs, you can't expect Spirit Resistance to be be an useful defense against getting Stunned to death. The odds will almost always be in favor of you getting stunned.

That being said, there are one or two fights that having a very high stun resist (from equipment, potions, skills etc) will make a bit of a difference.