special items in-game for all characters via game fund goal?


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I know I know, it may sound kind of P2W, but hey, I like this game, and am willing to fork out the cash even more these following weeks to help fund this game.

one thing that came to mind when reading a thread, is when someone mentioned Forgotten Tales. I played that, and saw the purchases to get items in-game.

would you consider possibly doing a goal type of thing, a game fund of some sort to those that donate who reach the goal get some early in-game items that will come later down the road in-game, such as per say a undead enchanted bow, or a holy bonus damage maul, or even, for example, epic enchanted armor.

Just an afterthought, this game is already progressing pretty fast, and it's going well, if anything, just something I wanted to share here and see what others think.

Regardless, donation is coming tomorrow, I plan on throwing my money at you creator :)


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Thanks for caring about the game's future. :)

At this point, money is not a constrain. Artists are already creating new assets as we speak, and I will do myself all the writing and coding (I still would if I was sitting on a billion dollars), so I can't spend more cash in making it faster, or in making it better. What I need is time, inspiration and focus. Peace of mind. If I begin organizing fundraisers, creating stuff for pledgers/donors, etc, the game will come out later than if I just keep doing things like I did for the last 2 years. I know such campaigns tend to be rather stressing.

Not to mention I doubt any campaign can raise a noticeable fraction of what the iOS release will bring, too, so focusing on the missing content(required for iOS) is a win-win from all angles.

After 1.0, who knows, I can consider such ideas for expansions, sequel, etc.