some improvement suggestions


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-it would be nice if there was a book or tome that reset your skills even if it cost 1K- 5K gold
-i think if u lvl up u should get full hp\mana
- move the "back to game" button far from "save and exit" button.
-lower the price for hp potions and add mana potions.
-rest outside of towns with risk ofc
-more ways to fast travel beside the boats and mage towers
-map comments or flags for active missions and data
-more stuff for Cleric in game( we paid for it) i find mostly stuff for warr
-new stock at merchants.. like the first city still selling lvl 1 stuff but im lvl 8 so cant buy stuff there
-runes or sigils for armor and weapons for enchanting them
-change or delete the paid mercenaries.. they die at the first mob they meet and it's a waste of 200-400 gold
- better bag or bags for character ( like option to buy another bag or bigger one)
- scroll of recall should be like on diablo.. that portal u back where u where.
- heal skill on Cleric is useless,i mostly just wait for the intervention to go.
even with this list im having fun to play this game.. looking forward for more updates and content