some ideas for Freetown arena reward


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Hi there, I've been playing EK for a while and I love it as it is the only game I consistently play. I thought I would suggest some ideas I had to make EK even more awesome! This is my first post on this forum and I haven't read many others so forgive me if someone has already mentioned the topics I suggest. So I recently finished "Become the Champion" and I was underwhelmed by the reward. I think it will be nice to be given a kind of "Champion's manor" as that, as far as I know, there is no purchasable home in Freetown. The building just slightly north of the arena would be a great fit for this. So you don't have to mess with the quest as it is now you could have it so that after completing the quest one would talk to the Tribune guy and he would say that you won a home. Nice and easy, I hope anyways. An alternative would be maybe one or two unique items.


Yeah it would be a perfect twist, special privilege for a Foreigner. Mercia is a Militaristic kingdom and everything is runned by force so it is considerable that they'll honor great fighters in the Arena.

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The Netherlands, Utrecht.

The game isnt finished at all... there to many open points in the game that can be fixed in the future however we already have 3 houses in the game... i think its more then enough since the houses are useless except storage and sleeptime... for the rest there is nothing to do.

Add more storage to the town hall slots we are already given is better.

We have tremadan tower as a house.
We have new garand house.
We have Nivarian house.

I think its more then enough... to have a house in every town is a bit to much if i am honest and not nessesary.

About uniq items well the game is a bit overgiven by uniqs and good stuff...

My solution would be ( idea from the movie the gladiator ) a special wooden incripted Rudiarius short-sword with a special text and a seal symbol of a champion and if thats not enough you get 25.000 gold.

Wooden sword is named Rudis

I think that this is a better solution to a gladiator arena final reward.

Story about Rudiarius: A gladiator who was granted his freedom by winning 5 arena battles in a row... the symbol of his freedom was this wooden short sword named Rudis ( Rudis is shorted Rudiarius, Rudiarius means a free gladiator ). This is happend a couple of time in the roman ages... the Rudiarius were welcomed as real invincible hero's.

However since David is busy with his new game it will be put on the to do list ( i guess waiting time atleast 6 months ).