Skills QoL changes suggestion


What about making a set of buttons, maybe accessible from companion's inventory, or from screen, that allows for manual usage of his/her skills? It's just too frustrating seeing Hirge spending all her mana on a single ghost right before the boss battle. Same I think with Grissenda slamming enemies into you with Whirlwind, though it's much better because she at least doesn't have mana. Also it would allow companions to use skills previously blocked by game, such as Stealth, Sacred Flame (no idea why it was blocked actually), etc., if the reason they were blocked was that they couldn't be utilized by AI. I would also love to see some utility skills changes, such as Sprint skill maybe permanently increasing speed by like 5%, and active part having increased duration (at least 2 more seconds), because right now this skill feels lame compared to others, especially advanced, because 4-6 seconds of 50% speed increase with huge cooldown even sounds useless. The passive speed increase might help archers kite enemies, thus making that skill have at least some influence on the game besides cheesing through dungeons. There are much more things that aren't looking good in the game, I think it would be great to make new update adding more variability to the game and making it more enjoyable and not just adding new territories. Even the fact that the last content update before 1.3 was 3 years ago doesn't change it
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