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Season’s Greetings all,

Like most of you here, I very much enjoy a good RPG. I clearly remember (well sorta remember is more accurate I guess as it WAS a long time ago truth be told) the 1st time a friend handed me a booklet to read about a new game he had. It was about a game called “Ultima” and I marveled when he showed me it on his then new 286. Since then I have been hooked on RPG’s & it quickly became hands down, my favorite genre. It still is to this day. Fast forward a few decades & then subtract one, which I believe landed on a Wednesday about a year ago, :p I was browsing the Google Play Store when I came across this little game some of you may have heard about, called “Exiled Kingdoms.” Reading through the description and then the many positive reviews, I excitedly downloaded & installed the game onto my phone. My poor ancient HTC Desire 626 just about died trying to run the game at anything more than a slideshow. Sadly I had little choice but to uninstall & move on.

A couple months ago I bought myself a cheap new Android tablet to game on while at work (during lunch of course) & after installing the Google Play Store on it, I started browsing for games. Lo & behold! I again came across the before mentioned game I allude to above and decided to give it another try. You can imagine my excitement when it ran flawless on my tablet! It was exactly the type of game I was looking for to pass the time with. So much so that I bought the full game after only about an hour of playing the free “demo” version.

I really have to give you kudos David, as you have made a very enjoyable game and very much worth buying. It has a surprisingly large game world, a ton of quests, lots of loot, different types of enemies to get PWN’ed by, good writing & so far, an interesting story. (Only just reached lvl5) I’m currently working on a Rogue named Nibbles. Reading through some of the builds other here have posted the stats for, I’m thinking that perhaps I should not have lvl’ed up my STR to 3 & instead put the points into either END or AGL. Still, that’s the fun of RPG’s right? The trial & error aspect.

The game *is* a grind though, which is both a blessing & a curse. I wanna be the greatest rogue the Exiled Kingdoms has ever seen, like tomorrow, but also don’t want to run from A to Z and miss everything in between. The struggle is real.

I also appreciate how you are active on the forums and don’t consider yourself above everyone else like so many other game devs act, and so actually take the time to answer questions people have. The same for a few other members here that are helpful. If your next game is anything like Exiled Kingdoms, I’ll be buying it once it becomes available. (If it already hasn’t, as I just joined & so not quite up to date.)

You have my thanks,



We're happy to hear that you are having a lot of fun welcome to the forum( ^_^)/


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Hey there, thanks for sharing your experience with the game! From my pen-and-paper RPG days, bringing fun to my players has always been my biggest motivation, so reading this kind of thing in the morning is always very nice.

At level 5 there's still about 90% of the game for you to discover, including the best content. A word of advice: you shouldn't be grinding *at all* at this point, just find quests to do! All the quests in Lannegar, Northern Bluemist, some quests in Kingsbridge, and then some in New Garand and maybe Rhöneis will keep you progressing in both experience and gear. In my own last playthrough I did zero grinding until I was at level 20 (did a total 12 Town Hall quests) and then decided to grind a little before the endgame.

About more games: check this sticky post: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16645