Server succesfully migrated


Staff member
All those SQL errors should be a thing of the past now; we moved to a new hosting company today (A2 Hosting).

I am afraid due to an error on my part, 4-5 hours of forum/wiki activity this morning-afternoon (GMT) have been lost. I apologize for this, you can repost safely as the server will be stable from now on and I expect to never needing to move again.

And a piece of advice in case you ever need hosting: NEVER work with Bluehost unless you are a masochist. They don't care about your website, your business, or even your sanity. Despite months of daily database errors they still kept wasting my time in an unresponsive chat (they don't have support email or tickets, only live chat with a "technician" that would fail a turing test). They throw at you generic advice and try to blame anything except their system, for hours. They even told me the database errors could be caused by Cloudflare service... or by non-optimized images :mrgreen: