Same account on 2 different platforms, is it possible?


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I bought the game on android to play at work but I was wondering if I could play the same account at home on PC? I can only find the game to download on Steam but i'd have to pay another 10$ for it.


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No that's not possible, at least not that easy. Each shop needs a separate buy, you can't transfer your purchase between steam, android and ios. But you can use the same save file at every platform.

If you don't want to purchase at steam, you could use a workaround, you need to use VM with android. That way you can use your Google purchase, but it's not so easy, you have to Google for that.

Edit: I used it once when my phone was broken, there is a way to emulate android on windows, including all the Android apps. But it's not the same as the steam version of EK. Of course you can play with controler, but the steam version is way better for keyboard and mouse control. David spend a lot of time to optimize it for desktop.


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First, as already mentioned, it wouldn't be same account.

Valve (Steam) isn't Google (Android) and/or Apple (iOS). It's three companies, three different entities. And each wants its piece of cake (or, simply put, your money). It is not developers decision, it is how it is.

But, you can install emulator on your PC and use same Android account, the game will work within emulator.

As already mentioned, real PC version sold on Steam is better, much more suited for playing on PC (mouse plus keyboard, wider viewing area, etc).

So, it is up to you to decide if it is worth paying again for different platform. But, you can play at home on your Android device(s), e.g. you can play on tablet, phone, you only need to use same account you purchased the game. Same goes for Steam version, you can play it on more than one PC, just use same Steam account o different PCs.

Save files are transferable.

EDIT: And yes, not to forget, on Steam there's often sale, just put it on wishlist and wait for next sale.