Romance/Companion Friendship Benefits


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Romance options for the mc, like you could be with griss or hirge if you're a male, adaon if female, and theres benefits on the milestones you've reached on your friendship, like if ur friends not just companions with griss she gets 2 defense plus 5 on all of the resistances, this is a good balance to the fact that they can only get one trait and skill point per level, and can only get advance skills meant for them, adaon gets 2 damage if ur friends not just companions, hirge i dunno, etc, and the highest milestone is marriage with em, giving the best buffs and good interaction, maybe also improving their AI and adding new options to commands, i think this'll be a good balance to companions.


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Please no.

While I understand the romance / friendship / relationship aspect is an increasing part of games, I don't think it fits with this particular game --either plot wise, or game mechanics. The game has gotten a lot easier as the end game content got added (Remember when it was hard to beat the Unweakened Undermother?).

And I'm not sure better AI is in the forecast. There's been some improvements over the years, but Companions still lack a true combat sense (Adaon likes to step on traps, Gris likes to charge the wrong enemy and Hirge likes to use fire attacks on fire elementals).