restore purchase problems

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I bought the game on the app store a few days ago but from my mother's cellphone using cellphone card payment.
Now I try to get the full version on my phone too since I use the same account but it is impossible! Do I have to buy it again or is there a wayear to restore purchase?

--- P.S. I would have bought it from my phone but app store can't configure my account and does not accept my payment methods


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You have information here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=773

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11. I have troubles restoring my purchase, what should I do? :?:

:idea: if you are on an Apple device, there has been an issue recently which is being talked in the Apple Developer forums. Restores are failing, but luckily the problem is permanently solved after logging off and on itunes. Do it like this:

1) Sign out of the App Store on your device: in your Settings app > "iTunes & App Stores", tap your Apple ID, then "Sign Out" (don't sign back in yet)
2) Return to the app and from main menu go to Store > Restore Purchase. When prompted, sign back in.

If you are on Android, then this is always caused by multiple accounts being present. Please remove the other accounts, restore purchase, then you can add them again.