Red Dragon kill... with a Vorator assist!!


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So I was tracking down a Red Dragon rumor boss in the Cave of Echoes, working my way through the various beasties as quickly as I could. I know where the dragon is supposed to spawn, so I'm approaching that area slowly, and as happens from time to time, the battle log starts lighting up with reports that one of the locals is having a go at the rumor boss. But usually those encounters don't last long, and once the "local" gets beaten, the rumor boss is at full health again, so it's not anything of consequence. NOT THIS TIME! I was watching as the Vorator hit again and again and again, doing some decent damage, and for some reason THE DRAGON WASN'T HITTING BACK! I don't know if I just hadn't gotten close enough to trigger his aggro or what, but you'd think that he would've fought back regardless.

Anyway, thoughts went through my head like so: 1. If the dragon's not fighting back, this vorator could kill him! Talk about vorator bragging rights! 2. If the vorator DOES kill the dragon, I miss out on the XP at the very least, which would suck, but I'm not even sure there would be the usual loot drop. 3. If the dragon suddenly notices and fights back, the vorator will be kaput and I'll be fighting the dragon at his full strength, which is of course a tough fight for anyone, let alone a level 16 rogue. So I decided, what if I just join in now, while the vorator has the dragon on the ropes? So I round the bend and lo and behold, the dragon has decided to fight back against the vorator, but by this time the dragon's health bar was almost 2/3 red from the repeated vorator attacks. I moved in with evasion, flurry, and stab and the dragon was killed in just a few seconds, with me not even having to use a health potion!

So tonight I raise a tankard in memory of that fearless dragon-hating vorator that fought so bravely against impossible odds. I got 'em for ya, buddy.

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I've also seen a vorator chain stun a rumour dragon. That might be what you are describing. Definitely makes fighting the dragon a lot easier.
I guess Vorators are highly territorial, they have nests all over the place and won't accept any Intruders, even if it is a dragon, stepping on/eating their eggs. That's why they will never stop chasing you until you leave the cave/the area, when they know their babies are safe.