Quick suggestions for currently unused NPC's


Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently Elisse Urhad in New Garand Farmlands and Praetor Rongae in Freetown don't have a use. I know they're being worked on, but I thought of a couple simple placeholders that could be used to temporarily give them a purpose.

Elisse Urhad
1. For the quest Dark Matters, Elisse could start the quest, and tell you to talk to Brother Gabriel.

2. Elisse Urhad says that someone went missing (named Dave or something) in Nayau Tomb (http://www.exiledkingdoms.com/wiki/imag ... u_Tomb.png), an item called "Dave's Remains" could be found in the room at the end of the Northern hallway. Dave could also be found there as a temporary companion. This would be another quest.

Praetor Rongae
1. Currently says that some Mercian slaves are getting sick, but doesn't have a quest. Could be somehow combined with The Poisoned River quest, or be an entirely new quest involving the broken teleporter in Wyverntail Complex--maybe Acid Elementals are randomly appearing near Freetown, in Lake Nivar.

I don't know much about game design, but these seem like (relatively) simple additions to give these characters a purpose. Since their dialogue is already created and no new areas need to be made, this would be a useful and fast way to add two more mid- to high-level quests.

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Some off the un-finished NPC's are set aside to dovetail with future updates, some were part of a plan that got scrapped. Suggestions on uses have ranged from quest givers to game advice. Deleting them seems harsh.