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One year ago I have completed the full game, so I know the plot. Please, can you give me the full text of conversation between Tol and player in Irazur Tomb? I just want to catch a nostalgia of that, in my opinion, great moment of Exiled Kingdoms! I would be very grateful.

And one more question: what is the origin of the game portrait of Tol? It reminds me of Rafael, but he certainly isn't. I'm really interested, and wait for your answers!


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I don't know the origin of the portrait, but I can at least provide the dialogue. Enjoy the epic moment! ;)

1 Tol: [BLUE](His voice is like a chorus of a thousand wishpers)[] Centuries have passed, so many dead souls are lost. My Crown is here... But why a living one brings Tol back from the Dead? Who are you? ->2
1 Tol: Where is my crown? ->40
2 You: You're supposed to be a God. Figure it out. ->30
2 You: I... Um... I'm going to be brutally honest. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I have this thing cursing me, can you help? ->40
2 You: Lord Tol, your High Priest and all your undead ones failed you. They chose not to bring you the Crown. ->3
2 You: I've come to destroy you, God of Death. ->50
3 Tol: How did they fail me? What did they do? ->4
4 You: I don't know. I am here to get rid of this curse! ->40
4 You: I don't know exactly why but they feared your anger and decided not to wake you up. ->5
4 You: They enslaved and feasted on the living, breaking the balance you taught them. They have become a terrifying nightmare for us, living ones. ->5
5 Tol: I see. They feared me... Only now I understand how naive I was, or should I say insane. How young and unprepared. I believed I could create an Eden, an immortal civilization. Instead I created a hell, and filled it with monsters. ->6
6 You: You don't talk like a God at all. Young? Naive? I don't understand. ->7
7 Tol: [BLUE](Smiles in a very human fashion)[] You have earned the right to ask questions to a God, I'd say. I was once a mortal, an adventurer much like yourself. Me and my companions uncovered an ancient secret and were Ascended, much like others had through the ages. ->8
8 You: Others? Do you mean the Eleven? ->9
9 Tol: Exactly. And many others which became Gods before, in ages now forgotten. However, like most Ascended Ones, I made a grave mistake. I decided not to let my humanity go. ->10
10 You: What does that mean? ->11
11 Tol: I didn't want to become a timeless being, nor I wanted to lose my personality, my identity, my physical body... my flaws. Yet I wanted the Divine Power. We four decided to do the same, becoming half-god, half-men, with disastrous consequences. ->12
12 You: Now I understand, a God with human feelings and flaws is indeed a very dangerous thing. ->13
13 Tol: Human mind is too small of a vessel to contain such power and knowledge. I vaguely feel the distant presence of my old companions... Two of them went insane and tried to destroy themselves, their souls tormented by regrets; immortality is a cruel prision for them. They betrayed me, feared me. I pity them. ->14
14 You: What will you do now? ->15
15 Tol: I shall fulfill my destiny, and trascend this mortal shell once and for all. I shall become the God of the Dead, for millions of souls have perished and are without a guide... Can't you feel the imbalance? The dead refusing to rest? So much to be done! It will take me a long time to repair my mistakes. ->16
16 You: Wait, I have lots of questions for you, and maybe you can help me! The world is in danger! ->17
17 Tol: I shall meddle with mortal matters no more. [BLUE](Suddenly his body becomes too bright to stare at)[] I abandon this world, my realm is that of the Dead. Mortal, you have my blessings and my gratitude. ->18
18 Tol: [BLUE](You feel yourself being pulled upwards. As you ascend, visions of the past and future expand your mind granting you 1 Skill Point)[] ->Leave
30 Tol: Indeed a bold one stands in front of me. You are right to wonder why a God may not know all. While the Divine is part of me, I am also man. Indulge my mortal ignorance and tell me why my appointed servants didn't wake me up centuries ago. ->4
40 Tol: Worry not, for I will bring you peace, child. Eternal peace and balance. Accept my ultimate blessing: death. [BLUE](Your soul begins to escape your body)[] ->Leave
50 Tol: Is that so? I expected more from someone capable of bringing my crown. Now accept my ultimate blessing: death. [BLUE](Your soul begins to escape your body)[] ->Leave