Question with a minor spoiler


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I have just completed the game for the second time ever and a question came to my mind. What happens if someone manages to kill Sargos in the quest web of terror in order to get the key??
Will he still be the enemy at the freetown arena or there will be a substitute??


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In the quest A Web of Terror, you have two opportunities to fight Sargos in his Scarred Vagabond form. It's possible to beat him, but doesn't serve much of a benefit. He doesn't die, but instead drops the quest item gem and runs off. So, fighting him, out-smarting him, or being tricked by him results in the same long term outcome. He runs off and is later found in the Freetown Arena. All outcomes are discussed in the Wiki. See link at start of paragraph.

If you don't have the INT 3 / PERS 3 required to out-smart his trap, fighting Sargos is the only way to have the barrier removed so you can leave the Grotto on your own (useful for taking the dungeon on bits). But, beating him might prove more of a challenge than taking on the Grotto in a single run. Previous discussions have pointed out that beating him is harder fight than taking on all three Grotto bosses at once. Sargos is a powerful fighter.


You can freely kill him without any problems, except he is etremely though, i tried to kill him on few of my runs i and it took me few tries, since he is though like trying to fight the unweakend Undermother but on higher levels. He is very through for his levels, an example, he is lvl 14 with 27 armor yet he has Resilence II, which makes him have 9 more armor, and if you are playing on harder or ironman, he has 33/34 Armor with almost 600 levels.

And yet, since (I'm guessing) you are doing quest Web of Terror, on low level such as lvl 7/8/9, he is very hard to beat.

But as it says on Wiki; "You basically have two paths, trusting Sargos or getting suspicious and confrontational with him. If you trust him, he will meet you at the grotto and will eventually betray you, leaving you trapped inside the grotto until you have cleared the boss. Confront him at any point, and he will turn hostile and you will have to defeat him (a tough fight needing preparation) to gain the Magical Sapphire which will allow you to control the barrier yourself."